Truly Wed Game

Here are the questions to the game that was played at our Valentine’s banquet the other night.  Mike and I weren’t on stage playing – probably a good thing as we would’ve been lu-oo-sers.  We just compared notes and he got a few jabs but other than that, we’re still happily married.

Want to see what we looked like back on our wedding day?


Okay, here are the questions for the game.

Questions for the wives:

1.  When putting on his pants (when the pastor’s wife busts out in laughter on stage, it’s a good sign that this is gonna be fun), what leg does your husband dress first?

Anna said: left.  Mike said: right.

2.  How does your husband prefer his potatoes?

Anna said: mashed.  Mike said: fried.

3.  What habit drives you crazy?

Anna said: Ignoring me when he plays the guitar (even though he’s looking right at me!) Mike said: sudden cleaning mood (yes, he’s absolutely right, I hate those!)

4.  What is something your husband is really good at that other people probably don’t know about? (again, snickering)

Anna said: drawing cartoons.  Mike said: (couldn’t think of anything)

5.  If you had to go to 7-11 to get milk, what little surprise would you buy for your husband to take home?

Anna said:  have I ever done this??  Do wives do this sort of thing?? Mike said: (silence)

6.  How many keys are on your husband’s keychain right now?

Anna said: 15.  Mike counted: 10.  (he cheats)

7.  What would your husband fix for dinner if he was home alone?

Anna said: soup.  Mike said: somethin’ with chili…mmmmm chili (note to self: from now on, fix chili more than once a year.)

8.  They say opposites attract; in what way are you and your husband opposites?

Anna said: In every way!  Mike said: In every way (ding ding ding! our first point! smooch)

9.  What is something that your husband would say is on the Honey Do list?

Anna said: hang the clock!  hang the clock!  Mike said: is that a euphemism?

I’ll just follow up that question with this picture.  You know it went downhill fast.


Questions for the Husbands:

1.  What would your wife say is your usual bedtime?

Anna said: 11 p.m.  Mike said: 11 p.m.  (Wow, second point right off the bat!)

2.  If your husband gave you $100 cash and told you to go spend it on whatever you want, how would you spend it?

Anna said: clothes.  Mike said: shoes.  Anna then held out her hand for that hundred bucks.  No dice.

3.  What month is your mother-in-law’s birthday in?

Anna said: March  Mike said:  (he’s pleading the 5th)

4.  What was the last thing you both laughed out loud about?

Anna said: the podcast we were listening to  Mike said: same thing (3 points!)

5.  What flower would your husband say you were most like in the morning?  Sunflower, snapdragon, Venus flytrap, or impatient?

Anna said: oh this one is easy, snapdragon.  Mike said: no doubt, snapdragon (4 points! high five!)

6.  What word does your wife use when she’s upset?

Anna said:  Crap!  Mike said: (couldn’t think of one)

7.  What is something your wife would says she has too much of?

(we spaced out and forgot to answer these.  I would say clutter and I’m positive that Mike would say the same thing…but what do I know, we obviously don’t play this game too well!)

8.  Your wife is a natural born ______________.

Anna said: encourager.  Mike said: sleeper.  (true, very true)

9.  What is something that your wife has kept since her childhood?

Anna said: a box of pictures.  Mike said: Suzy’s Zoo (then I corrected him and said, “no, that’s since college.”

10.  Who apologizes first after an argument?

Anna said: I do.  Mike said: She does (5 points!)

So, we got 5 out of 20 points.  Well, at least we have a good sense of humor and knew we’d probably do poorly.  Mike and I think completely different from each other (I’m emotional, he’s analytical) but I have to say, we’re a good match.  I need him and he needs me and we are still in love and make each other laugh after 13 years.  Plus, together, we conquer at the jell-o eating contest (disregard all past comments and whatever misleading information you may have otherwise heard).

That’s what really matters in a marriage.


12 thoughts on “Truly Wed Game

  1. About the “making each other laugh” thing. I remember when you two were in your kitchen and Mike was talking a little girly and you were talking a little matcho. You and I could not stop laughing long enough for you to respond to his statements! So my point of this trip down memory lane is, you dont just make each other laugh! 😉

  2. We were answering the questions during the game as well. I’m sorry to say, we would have kicked your butts 🙂 You are also the couple that never ages. You look the same as you did at your wedding (minus the hair :)). Beautiful!

  3. The Newlywed game sounds like a hilarious evening. Y’all did very well!

    Love the flower question, I’m definitely a snapdragon in the AM (and other times too).

    Your wedding picture is beautiful–y’all looked so happy–and still do!!

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