The Other Four Things

So I missed posting on Friday to continue my Five for Friday list but something tells me you carried on with your lives just fine without me.  Are you having a good weekend so far?

Last night we got a babysitter and went to a Valentine’s banquet at church.  I can’t wait to tell you about a version of the Newlywed Game played, called the Truly Wed Game, and how I got robbed by a fellow church-goer of my jar of candy conversation hearts.  A church-goer by the name of Jim Cook, by the way.  He’s always causing trouble.

But first, the other four things I thought of since my last post.

1.  Isn’t this the weirdest icicle you’ve ever seen?  I stepped out the front door and noticed it when the Verizon guy came to install our FIOS for the TV.

2.  Did I say FIOS for the TV?  Why, yes I did.  For the first time in over 3 years we have TV {yay!} We cancelled our cable back when we were saving for Mini’s adoption and with Netflix we didn’t miss it enough to turn it back on.  But then the monstrous TV (Mike would say it’s not monstrous) moved in and, well, we couldn’t resist.  For a while we tried watching Netflix on demand through our laptop but the picture wasn’t great.  HD deserves to be watched in HD (Mike has never been more proud that I’m his wife).  We’re loving the DVR and feel that the world is giving us a nice warm welcome into the 21st century.

3.  I have another wild story about the grocery store.  It involves 1) a just-turned 2 year-old, 2) a bottle of pancake syrup, and 3) a loose interpretation of “factory sealed.”  Mini reached for the bottle while I was distracted, popped the top and went all in.  And all over.  The climax of the story was me, once again, in Aisle 10 waving my (sticky) hands high up in the air in surrender.  I now dread all trips to the grocery store.

4.  Let’s talk about that jar of candy hearts I mentioned (you do read my introductory paragraphs, right?) It was one of those guess-how-many games and I counted and formulated and calculated my number to be precisely 450.  Jim Cook, who was next in line, looked at my number and wrote down his number.  That’s right; 451.  Then he sat down and teased me about it.  Well, of course, his number was closest and he won the jar of candy.

And he didn’t feel bad about it one bit.

Coming up next: A post about the Newlywed game plus a picture of when Mike and I easily took first place and beat Jim Cook’s team in the jello eating contest.

Nope, I don’t feel too bad about mentioning that.


6 thoughts on “The Other Four Things

  1. You are right about me not feeling bad, it was the highlight of the night. I didn’t even feel bad that you guys were given the “mercy win” in the jello game. I do think our table should’ve won a prize for having the most fun. I gotta go, these candy hearts are GOOD!

  2. I’m not saying we should go back to the tape…no no, no need for that. But I’m pretty sure we won fair and square. And since the prize was a clock, it was meant to be that we won.

    Yes, definitely, our table had the most fun. Good times!

  3. so fun… I love church and being a part of one, for these very reasons…

    you poor girl. Can your grocery market shop for you and then you just pick up the items when you pay?

  4. Seriously cool ice icicle–it was optimistic.

    So sorry about the syrup at the grocery store. Yuckola (or should I say stickola?).

    I know it’s superficial, tempory and shallow, but I am so happy for you and your new DVR. They are life changing, no?

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