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Birthday Wishes

Dear Mini,

Today is your birthday and you are 2 years old.  Max and I have been practicing with you for weeks now on answering the question, “how old are you?”  At first you enthusiastically answered, “Mini!!” which would make your brother laugh hysterically.  He would say he didn’t ask your NAME, he asked your AGE.  Hahahaha.  You didn’t know why he was laughing but you’d laugh right along with him.

With some repetition at the dinner table, you’ve got it down and now you answer, “TWO!”  (or, on occasion, “EIGHT!”) It’s amazing what you have learned to do and say in the past month.  It’s like I’m seeing a new glimpse of the little girl you are instead of the baby I’ve always known.  I am amazed at the transformation taking place right in front of me.

I’m so lucky and blessed to be your mommy.  Every single morning I walk into your room after you’ve been up and playing in your crib for a while (I know that waking me up is like waking a bear in the middle of winter but I like to think that I’m teaching you the value of delayed gratification and the ability to entertain yourself…which is a gift you’ll appreciate one day, I tell you).

When I finally open the door you literally jump up and down with a huge smile that makes my sleepy stumble turn into a dance.  I scoop you up, twirl around with you in my arms, gather up all the Bunnies and blankets you demand, then we run into Max’s room.

Max is usually burrowed under his covers but we wait in anticipation for his laughter then pounce on him.  It’s our morning routine and nothing else on earth would start the day better than those moments giggling with you and Max.  It’s the way mornings are meant to be started.

Of course, with you, I giggle all morning long.

I love you so much.  Happy Birthday!


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