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My Valentines

C’mere, gimme a kiss

How ’bout pop pop? (Her exact words)

Sure thing, Love Bug

It was a day filled with love.

Mike and I unfortunately don’t get to spend much time together on Sundays – his busiest day of the week – but we had sandwiches for lunch and he brought home a couple of those delicious old fashioned burgers that Wendy makes.  We relived moments from tonight’s youth group (he’s with the high school, I’m with the junior highers) and told stories, laughed, and ended up loving our volunteer leaders just a little more than we did before tonight.   Mike and I are blessed to serve the Lord alongside a great team of leaders.

Now that Max is finally going to bed, we’re gonna plop ourselves in front of the TV and relax for the rest of the night.  Just us.  Me and my best friend.

A perfect Valentine’s Day, if you ask me.


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