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This Birthday was Brought to You by the Letter M. Ole!

The plan was to have cupcakes at the house for Mini’s upcoming birthday.  But sNOw way was that happening with the condition of our parking lot. (heh)

The parking spaces in our court aren’t reserved like some townhouse courts but when 3 feet of snow lands in one of those spaces and someone has spent hours shoveling their way to their car, then that space is permanently THEIRS.  BACK OFF, they tell you with their folding chair.  Don’t you DARE park in that empty space if there is a folding chair.  All hell will break loose.  And we saw it with our own eyes.

Okay, confession time.  We put out the chairs to mark “our” spaces, too, so I can’t be all judgy about this. But still.  What’s with the caged rage?

So, back to the party; I didn’t want to see anyone we invited to come over for cupcakes be on the receiving end of a neighbor’s rage.  That just doesn’t go well with cupcakes.

Especially cupcakes as cute as these (if I do say so myself).

Umm.  I know you all don’t believe anything I write about trying to be frugal after you see that I splurged on custom m&m’s.  But aren’t they so cute?  I justified it a million ways, believe me.

Changing the subject.

So, we moved the party from our house to our favorite Mexican restaurant.  I can’t think of any place more appropriate for a 2 year old’s birthday party, can you?  On the eve of Valentine’s Day?  No?

Well, at least we were there at 4:00 so we didn’t ruin too many romantic dinners.  The place was practically empty but it soon began filling up.  I felt bad about using my flash so much to take pictures but the lighting was a little too romantic, even for 4:30.

Sorry, Mr. and Mrs. Early Bird.  You didn’t get the worm this time, instead you got blinded by my flash.  A lot.

Max took great pride in wrapping up his Elmo as a gift for Mini.  Mini has fallen in love with all things Sesame Street so that inspired him.  He was dying to see her reaction.

Below is a picture of something that cracked all of us up.  I held up my camera to take a picture and Mini leaned over to Aunt Jen so as to include her in the shot.

She loved opening up the presents but this one below was a huge disappointment.  It was just a brown cardboard box so she just pushed it aside as soon as the wrapping paper was off.

Inside was this cute backpack that I ordered for her from Etsy.  She loved all of her gifts but this Jesse doll was the clear winner (with Elmo as a close second).

Thank you to Mike’s parents, Aunt Jen, and Grammy for joining us in celebrating Mini’s birthday!  Thanks for braving the icy roads, too.

And…no party is complete without pictures of the sugar high that followed…

Did you notice that those m&m’s coordinate with Mini’s outfit?


6 thoughts on “This Birthday was Brought to You by the Letter M. Ole!

  1. Look at you!! Custom M&M’s, fancy cupcakes with coordinating outfit to match…you better slow down sista! It’s going to be hard to top this each year!

    That little girl is scrumptous!

  2. I’m glad y’all did not let the weather prevent you from partying it up for Mini’s birthday (and stayed safe!). Good call on the Mexican restaurant.

    The splurge on the personalized M&Ms was TOTALLY worth it–and very, very cute. I’ve never seen them in person.

    It warms my heart that she has discovered the goodness that is Sesame Street!!

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