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Indy Valentine

Got this idea from Stie’s blog and thought it was a really cute idea for a Valentine.  After I read her tutorial that gave step-by-step instructions (THANK YOU), I showed the idea to Max.  He was instantly sold.  And he also happened to be wearing his Indiana Jones outfit.  Perfect.  I love it when things come together like that.

We did a much more hurried version than Christie (and Holly, too) but I think they turned out cute.

Max helped with the computer part and he inserted the lollipop.  He was pretty happy that this year he got out of the arduous task of writing his name 15 times.

Max handed out these Valentines today at a little party we had with our co-op.  The party was almost cancelled due to Snowmageddon but some of the moms BEGGED and PLEADED for it to be held.  Get us out of the house, please!

A lot of boys were in attendance (surprise! surprise!) and they were rowdy, but each one of them had a good time.  Max, certainly one of the rowdiest of the bunch, had so much fun.  He exudes joy in everything he does.  It’s one of the things I love most about his personality and character.

He exuded lots of joy over those swords, let me tell you.

Indiana Jones wouldn’t have it any other way.


5 thoughts on “Indy Valentine

  1. Wow! They turned out GREAT!! He was holding his hand at the perfect angle–it almost has a 3D effect–very cool.

    Glad y’all got to go to the co-op party during a break in snowmaggeden!

  2. OH MY STARS, that is a brilliant idea. So stealing that. Hard to find something “boyish” for something like Valentine’s. Saving that for the future!!

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