Sincere Thoughts on Being a Mom

Snow Day(s)(s)(s)

As expected, the second blizzard arrived last night and snow has been falling all day long.  Just like us, our neighbors aren’t nearly as eager to get out there and shovel their walks or begin to dig out their cars this time.  The federal government is closed.  No one’s trying to go anywhere.  It’s 3:00 in the afternoon and I’ve only seen a handful of people out there as of yet.  This is what our court looks like right now.

Somewhere in that picture is Max and his friend C. I have been keeping watch here by the front door (go out in that, are you crazy?) and I hear them but I don’t see them.

A-ha.  There they are.

C came to ring the doorbell twice and asked Max if he wanted to play.  I’m ashamed to tell you this, but the first time he said no was because we were in the middle of school.  Yes, I made him do school when everyone else in the neighborhood has the entire week off (schools are closed through Friday).

Nooo, I have NOT become that mom!

Suddenly I gulped hard.  I would hate to be the homeschool kid in the neighborhood stuck inside doing work while everyone else is playing. (In this case, everyone else is one kid because all the other kids don’t play outside*, but still.)  I saw the error of my ways.

Some mistakes are easy to fix.

*don’t get me started on this topic.  Probably not the right time to bring it up when I was making my kid solve math problems on a snow day.


One thought on “Snow Day(s)(s)(s)

  1. Very true!! We are getting snow here but I ‘think’ most of the kids are in school today anyway…We are about to start but I am thinking a little lesson is snowman building might make the day fun! It’s a WET, WET, SNOW!! and as I sit here looking out the window it is pretty but oh so cold!!

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