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The Errand Cycle

I was crazy to go to the grocery store on the day before a big snow storm is going to hit.  We’re in for a foot or two or four of snow (whatever it is, it’s constantly changing and if the weathermen weren’t liars, I’d pay more attention).  It just snowed twice this week.  Boo, snow.  I hate you.

Today’s experience was probably up there in the Top 5 of Worst Outings Ever.  I needed to run four errands: bank, library, post office (this one gets put off nearly everyday), and groceries.  I know, four errands during Underwear Week was risky.  I put her in a pair of Elmo underwear and carefully drew out a map and planned my public bathroom strategy.

No, I didn’t.  Are you crazy?

In my defense, it was hard enough getting out the door by 11:30 (am I the only one who takes four hours to make breakfast and find the missing library books? Why am I so disorganized?)

At the last minute after the final potty trip and everyone was loaded in the car,  I decided to switch up the plans.  Let’s be spontaneous!

I decided, before having to face the crowded grocery store the day before the Blizzard of the Week, I really needed to get the oil changed.

Because that’s what should take priority right before your car is buried underneath feet of snow and stays in the same parking space for days upon end.

The good news is, no one else in this town thought it should take priority because we practically had the place to ourselves.  Everyone else was at the grocery store.

Which brings me back to why this outing made it in the Top 5 and why it literally put me in tears as I packed the last sack in the minivan.  Let me summarize the trip:

1) the first Little Tikes car/cart the kids were so excited to ride in was broken and the next one we found was about a mile away (yes, I caved), 2) we lost Bunny and it took 10 horrifying minutes to retrace our steps to find her (in the seat of the first car), 3) customers dashing in on their lunch breaks have no patience for the mom wheeling the car with no power steering, 4) it was after 12:00, well past hungry, and 4) Mini was overtired and anxiously screaming and crying the entire time.

I didn’t have much on my list but we were there for almost an hour.  Everyone was staring as I wheeled up to the cashier.  After maneuvering the equivalent of a Mack truck with one hand while carrying Mini on my hip, I took a look down at the contents in the cart.  Milk, cheese, bananas, oatmeal, chocolate, junk food, more chocolate, and more junk food.  I was overcome with guilt and insecurity.

What was missing, though, was what I originally went to the store to get: Midol.

You saw that coming, didn’t you?


11 thoughts on “The Errand Cycle

  1. The real question is…Did Mini pee her pants? How suspenseful.

    I’m so sorry for the terrible trip. I feel your pain. Sometimes I ask myself. Why do I do this to myself? I just keep doing it again and again. The only answer I can figure out is that part of me loves the craziness!

    Hope your day is much improved!

    1. SHE WAS DRY! Actually, I stopped by the house mid-craziness and she went at home. She’s doing great. Our day improved greatly…Mini took a 3 hour nap and I had a huge grilled cheese sandwich.

  2. I’m impressed that she didn’t pee out in the midst of all this! My kids would have taken this opportunity to pee all over the place numerous times! The stress of the day deserves more than just a grilled cheese sandwich!! You did great!! 3 hour nap awesome!!
    It takes me FOREVER to get out of the house!!

  3. Oh my goodness, I certainly hope you went back for the Midol. It would have been worth 3 extra minutes of screaming (Mini’s, not yours) :).

    And I’m sorry to say this, but I’M SO GLAD I’m not the only one who can take 2 hours to get out of the house when I’m just running to the convenience store for milk!

    By the way, I have to say I’m totally jealous. Both of my kids were H-A-R-D to potty train. I’m quite sure I did it wrong.

    1. Five for Friday was something I first saw on Holly’s blog (Marathon Bird) so it’s far from my idea but I say SURE, you can borrow it!

  4. It was great to see you tonight. I’m so sorry to hear about your day at the grocery store. It was definitely horrible even without screaming kids. So, I can only imagine how horrifying your visit truly was. 🙂 I hope next time is much better.

    1. So good to hang out with you all tonight! It was fun to laugh about all our grocery store tales (or imagine what could’ve been worse!) I love you guys.

  5. ha ha! Power steering car! Love it! Have you ever maneuvered a car with the power steering broken? I once got a shopping car like that! Ugh!
    But taking forever to get out of the house and going to the store during lunchtime seems to be the norm around here.
    By the way, my kids always did better with staying dry when we were out and about. The problem is getting out of the house! If motherhood were evaluated by potty training, I’d get an F.

  6. I think if anyone says they do not relate to this story they either have either not been parents very long, or they are LYING. 🙂 Hilarious!

    Glad the afternoon was better!

  7. Well, at least you managed to get the essentials.

    I have had MANY check-out moments where I am embarrassesd to unload my cart–why do I feel I owe the checker an explanation??

    Hooray for Mini staying dry during The Excursion!! I forgot to comment on the potty training posts, but must tell you WAY TO GO there mom and Mini!! I bet you ARE worn out. She’s done a great job–what a big girl. Good luck as underwear becomes more the norm. I always felt mixed emotions because sometimes pull-ups are just plain easier than making public (EW!) potty stops 8000 times.

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