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Day 2 Ah…Ahh…Chooooo

I have a cold so today I did not find much to love about Day 2 of the Underwear.  That sounds rather gross but you know what I mean.  It was the second day that Mini wore big girl underwear.  I left her alone much more than yesterday but I still kept her entertained upstairs most of the day.

I’m exhausted.

She refused to go potty almost every time the timer went off but once I told her it was okay to carry something with her to the bathroom, she would go.  So…now when she goes potty we have about 10 stuffed animals, 14 books, and 32 goldfish crackers in attendance.

She did pretty well holding it and even told me she had to go when, in fact, she had to go.  Miracle!  She got a pop-pop for that and something tells me the lollipop is an even better incentive than the m&m.

We’re going to have another couple of days at home due to another snow storm coming through tonight and not much else on the schedule anyway.  Even though I’m pouting on the inside about my cold, I’m thinking it was a good time to do this. Usually we are so busy.

It’s really nice to have Max at home to help, too, because he’s a great encourager.  But you can imagine how squirrelly he is.  A squirrel might not be the right description.  Picture a human pinball.  This morning I witnessed him making his bed and while I usually don’t question his method, I had to draw the line on body slamming to get the sheets in the right corner.

Like I said, I’m exhausted.


8 thoughts on “Day 2 Ah…Ahh…Chooooo

  1. It’s totally normal to have a lollipop while in the bathroom, isn’t it? I’ve been doing that for years! Also, I like to wear my Afro wig. Perhaps I’ve said too much.

  2. I remember those days of sitting and sitting and sitting and sitting….only a mother can get excited about successful bodily functions!! 🙂

  3. I thought potty training was one of the hardest stages. Even though the boy turns 17 on Friday, just reminicing about those days gives me the willies. I would have preferred to give myself a root canal!

    Blessings, blessings, Mama!

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