Sincere Thoughts on Being a Mom

Let’s Not And Say I Tweet

I’m not on Twitter nor do I update my Facebook status very often.  But if I did, this week’s entries would look like this:

Caught toddler’s vomit with my bare hand.  All in a day’s work as a mom.

Max’s confidence in writing soars after Nana spends time making a Scary Story notebook with him.  They are going to each write a chapter and draw a picture then send it back and forth.  Nana rocks.

Grammy taught Max school today while I slipped away to MOPS for the morning.  Grammy rocks.

Shopping for (soon 2B) 2 year-old’s birthday party with m&m theme.  Eating way too many of the party supplies.

(did you like that 2B?)

Sent Max upstairs to put on an undershirt since it’s freezing.  He came back down wearing FOUR undershirts.  Typical.

Rocked Mini for a long time after she woke up early.  Thought she went back to sleep before hearing a disturbing noise followed by a quiet whisper, “I toot.”

Welcome to the Twos:  Run away from me during the day, can’t stand to be apart at night.

“I do it” is the phrase of the day.


5 thoughts on “Let’s Not And Say I Tweet

  1. Ahhh yes! I remember when Kara and Audrey were at the “I do it” stage. Only their favorite words were “ME DO!” haha

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