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You Can Put a Price on Love

For months Max has been a Webkinz evangelist.  He wants to share about these cute little stuffed animals that you can create virtual existences online for with everyone he knows.  We were a little late jumping into the Webkinz world, which I guess has been around for a while.   So, naturally, all of his friends aren’t super duper excited because it’s old news.  They look at Max and say, “um, yeah.  I have, like, 12 thousand million of those things.”

So what does a boy do when he can’t be the one to bring the good news of Webkinz to friends?  He tells his mom.  Every detail.  And, for any special occasion he can think of, he wants to give her one.

On a recent trip to Target, Max brought along his wallet stuffed with two fifty dollar bills and a wad of ones so that he could buy a Webkinz for me.  It was a late birthday, Christmas, early Valentine’s Day, thanks for the Cheez-Its special occasion.

As soon as we found the right aisle, he asked if I could hide around the corner so he could surprise me with my first pet that would allow me to enter the virtual world he loves.  His body jumped around like popcorn, he was so excited.  It was cute.

He came back with a cool looking dragon or some kind of pegasus creature.  It was sparkly and girly.  I loved it because it was what he picked out for me.  Such a sweet boy to want to buy me a gift with his own money.  Oh, how he’s evolving from the preschooler who gave me a piece of plain white paper for a gift.

We walked over to the price scanner to see how much it cost.  $14.99.

Max said, “No way, I’m not getting you that!”

And so.

We walked down to an end cap and saw a display of Lil’ Webkinz for $4.99.  Perfect.  I guess the price was right.

Meet Fluffy.

Fluffy is a Westie dog and I named her at Target.  She is cute and isn’t yippy at all like you would think.  Fluffy was welcomed into our family by other Webkinzes that Max previously adopted:  Zoombo (a lion), Berenstain (bear) and Geronimo (gorilla).  Clearly Max comes up with cooler names, doesn’t he?

Fluffy is very talented.  While I was catching up on important news blogs today, Max borrowed my camera and documented all the awesome things that Fluffy can do.

Fluffy is a gamer and got a high score on the Batman game.

Fluffy is a bit of a thrill seeker.

Fluffy has her commercial driver’s license and can drive a school bus.

Fluffy can fly.

She has great style.  I like her choice in footwear.  Oh wait. I hope she’s not doing something bad in that shoe.

Fluffy is very outgoing.  When she meets someone new it’s like they’re old friends.

She’s very spontaneous with even her newest pals.

She’s also not shy about taking her own self-portrait.  Actually, we really like that about her.  It says a lot about her authenticity as an indecisive messy housekeeper blogger who still has temporary curtains on the window and picture frames yet to be hung a dog.

I wonder where she gets that love for the self-portrait from.

Thank you, Max, for my Lil’ Webkinz.  I know we’re going to have fun.


12 thoughts on “You Can Put a Price on Love

    1. I know, that would be cool. I could have that feature but I only use the free version of WordPress and they don’t allow plugins (listen to me, like I know what I’m saying…Mike told me this.) From now on everyone could just leave a comment that says “like” and we could just pretend that my blog was cool enough for that feature. Hey, I’d be happy because I LIKE THE COMMENTS even if they are only one word 🙂

  1. LIKE! 🙂

    Seriously, this post made me laugh out loud! I laughed so loud at Fluffy the stunt rider that my family could hear me in the other room.

    Had to share this post with Kloe, my own little Webkinz lover. She laughed hysterically at “Fluffy can fly.” And then she asked, “Which Target did they get Fluffy at? Can we go there and get one?” 🙂

    Too cute. Have fun in Webkinz World!

  2. p.s. And now she’s in the other room looking at the map to see how far it is from Texas to Maryland. Ummmm, Kloe, think there’s any chance our own local Target also has Webkinz?? 🙂

  3. This morning I read this post to Max and he has informed me that my facts are all wrong. So, for the sake of all things you don’t really care about but need to be straightened up because I’m all about retracting the mistakes of vitally important information here at Sincerely Anna, here are the corrections:

    The first Webkinz he picked out at Target was a peacock. How could I think it was some sort of flying fantasy creature?

    It cost $12.99, not $14.99

    Gironimo is a chimpanzee, not a gorilla.

    He did not give me the Webkinz as a Thank-you-for-the-Cheez-Its present. Here is when I attempted to explain comic effect to a literal 7 year old. Otherwise known as a lesson in futility.

    Thank you.

  4. Thanks for the clarification, just the facts m’amm. Has Maz watches any of the old Dragnet show? 🙂

    It was so sweet of him to choose one for you, even if it was the more budget friendly version. Fluffy is pretty cute–and multi-talented.

    Annelise only has two WebKins and is just getting into them. I’m pretty clueless about their internet lives, I just think they are cute.

  5. Baby has a terrier too and her name is Fluffy!! Once you are logged on, I’ll have her request you guys to be friends. That is wild. She loved the pictures Max!!!

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