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I Got the Fever, Man

Look who’s on their way to Pops and Nana’s house for the weekend?

(I’m pretty sure West Virginia’s weather isn’t warm and sunny like it is in Texas – lalalalalala, I’m not listening anymore  – but we can pretend with our inflatable palms)

And guess what youth pastor is on his way to a cold and wintry climate to ski for the weekend with slightly deranged teenagers? (or is it the other way around?)

And guess who is on her way to go back in time a few decades?  And stayin’ alive here at home so she can party with her wild and crazy disco friends?

(those would be 7th and 8th grader wild and crazy disco friends)

We are having a Jr. High, 70’s themed progressive dinner and I’m SO excited!

At first, I looked in my closet and tried to come up with a something to wear that wouldn’t cost me any money.  I got some things together, tried them on, rehearsed with the curling iron, and found blue eye shadow lurking in a drawer.

Oh no.  No, no, no, no, no.  Yawn.

Then I picked up something on the clearance shelf at the party store for almost free (well, free plus $13).  It was very disco-y and perfect except for one teensy weensy problem.

It was a small.  I’m not a small.

Anywhere. Ahem.

And did I mention it was a dress?  But I bought it anyway, took it home, and dared to rearrange it to be a shirt.  Over a turtleneck, thank you, but I think it works!

A kid-free (and husband-free…but that’s not the same) weekend where I get to go back in time and make a solid gold fool of myself for fun?  Sounds like a great weekend to me!

What it is, what it is.

I should stop.  Good night.


8 thoughts on “I Got the Fever, Man

  1. Looks like you came right off the movie screen, Girlfriend!!!
    I lived and loved that era. Pretty sure I could never walk or dance in those shoes again though!!!

    Have a great “alone” weekend. I have to say I’m a little jealous!!!

  2. this is AWESOME! oh, man. you look great. brings back such sweet, sweet memories. only, last time you were dressed like this i didn’t recognize you.

  3. The Progressive Dinners were always my favorite! And the leaders always went all out, which was fun to see. Except when one of them was my dad. In an afro.

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