In Colorful Shape

Right now we’re on a homeschoolin’ roll.  I can’t say that for other parts of the year but when I can, like now, I shout it out loud.

Yay us!

My mid-year review was two weeks ago and it was just what I needed to serve as a little kick in the fanny.  We had a looong 6 week break from any structured type learning but after the holidays I wasn’t exactly in the mood to get going again.

Reviews, however, help that situation immensely.

I had to get all my stuff organized, checked, and ready to showcase to someone.  When I started to get all the stuff out I had feared the worst:  we didn’t really do much at all since the beginning of the school year.

But then I got a look inside Big Yellow.

This is my “what we’re doing” file.  I think I told you that I started writing a daily check list for Max last year and, let me just say, it has been really good for him.  And me too.

I’m learning how to enjoy planning through this method.  Me?  Enjoy planning?  And sticking with the plans, too?  Wow.

A notebook is nice.  Excel spreadsheets have their place, as well.  But nothing makes me happier than looking in Big Yellow at a STACK of colorful lists of completed work.  Just holding it in my hand after 6 weeks of vacation was exciting to me.  I felt like, heck yeah, we accomplished a lot!

I was ready to get going again.

And here we are.  Enjoying our roll.

Today we were inspired to be spontaneous and do some art.

That was the worst transition EVER but this was the original thought to what my post was going to be about (see title).  Sometimes that happens.  I start with one idea and end up with something very different.  A good kind of different, I think.

That would be what homeschooling in our family is like, though.


3 thoughts on “In Colorful Shape

  1. I love it!! Organization helps, even if we aren’t the most organized and structured people! I love the art lesson!! It helps break up the “boring stuff”!!
    I’ve been taking care of a friend’s little boy since last Thursday, so I’ve been trying to homeschool both of them at the same time – at least a little bit! UGH!! That has been a challenge….they are about a year apart in age, and not anywhere close to the same learning styles, or doing any of the same curriculum! What a challenge! But I do feel like I have accomplished at least a bit of school with each of them every day!
    I have to say I will be glad when she can come back home and we can get back to our normal routine!

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