Five for Friday

1.  The photos arrived and I’m onto Step 1 of making Mini’s baby album.  I’ve sorted all the pictures by month in this organizer.  It took me a whole 20 minutes to do something I’ve been putting off for nearly 2 years.

So, now I’m ready to scrapbook.  Meanwhile, of course, I’ve come up with about 30 more projects I’d like to start involving these photos.  Looking through them didn’t have any emotional impact on me at all.  As if.

That may be the reason I’ve been avoiding the blog.  I didn’t want to show up here and cry you a river about how my baby is going to be two years old soon.

Waaaaaah.  My baby is going to be 2 years old soon!  Waah.

2.  In a twisted way of dealing with said grief, I decided on a whim to take away Mini’s pacifier.  The beloved Bappy “broke” on Wednesday.  A pair of scissors will do that, you know.  I know, I’m made of ice.

Mini was starting to demand it during the day (i.e. “I NEEEEEED BAPPY!”) and, well, I was at a crossroads.  The Bappy could make my life much more peaceful during school, car rides, running errands, talking on the phone, writing an email, blog post, post-it note, etc, but it was also becoming a battle.  They say pick your battles and, well, I picked this one.  So long, peaceful trips to the bathroom.

The first day was hard but now that it’s Day 3, she is doing fine.  I wasn’t expecting her to fall asleep on her own but she only cried for a few minutes.

As far as naps go, she has found other ways to soothe herself to sleep.

She makes me laugh.  When I put her down for her nap today, she asked for the Bappy only once.  As I rocked her we talked about how it was broken and she said, “aww” and that was that.  Actually, I’m amazed at the smooth transition so far.   I’m very proud of her…and I’m kinda proud of myself too!  Also, Max has been a great brother, comforting her and telling her she’s a big girl.

3.  Max has been chomping at the bit to blog this week so, if you don’t mind, click on over (but not yet!) and give him some comment love.  We’ve been doing science experiments – which aren’t so much up my homeschool alley – but we’re having fun.  A while back Chick-fil-A had Mad Science experiment kits in their kids meals.  As any good homeschooler would do, we went out to eat several times that month.  Waffle fries in the name of education.  Good stuff.

Our co-op is hosting a science fair in March so we’re trying to figure out a good project for Max.  I don’t believe I’ve been to a science fair in oh, gosh, about forever.  I have no idea what to expect.

By the way, we just finished watching Season 2 of Big Bang Theory.  And now we’re in the middle of last season’s Heroes when they are transporting through time and space to get the secret formula.  It’s been a week of science all around this house.

4.  I learned about the laws of physics and went snow tubing last Saturday.

I also learned there’s a law that dictates the need for Tylenol PM when you spin down a hill six times in two hours.

(I know that was only Four for Friday but I wanted to wrap up early so you could run over and take a peek at Max’s blog.  He’s pretty excited to have you pay him a visit over there.  Have a great weekend!)


4 thoughts on “Five for Friday

  1. Wow, Mini’s paci is gone. That is such a scary day in my mind 🙂 I remember one day at church when Madeline and Mini got their paci’s switched. It was very upsetting to Madeline. She cried for about 45 minutes in the car the other day because she was sooooo tired and didn’t have a paci. But, she actually doesn’t use it that much anymore. But, definitely at bedtime.

    I love that Max has his own blog. How fun!

  2. We got all those “chickey place” science tools too! TOK is constantly asking me to do some science with them. I just need to get more organized and let him do them! Fun!!

    OMG, you are so brave for going tubing!! I would be afraid I would crash and burn!! You obviously had a blast!!

    Our babies should NEVER be allowed to grow up!! Just not fair to us moomies!!

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