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Uh-oh. There’s a Cost for Free.

That infamous visit to Shutterfly started something.  I ordered 333 photos (not free, by the way) that I’ll be adding to this

and, since this mess will be sitting on my desk (not the kitchen floor as pictured…not a wise idea to leave it there), I will be organizing them when they arrive.  In this nice $35 organizing box that needs to be assembled.

Then I’m gonna scrapbook.  But at least that should be for free.  I have all those supplies, after all.  I have many, many, many supplies, after all.

I have the scrapbooking bug right now. Since Mini will be turning 2 years old before I blink twice, I want to get her baby album started and finished. Or it won’t be done until she’s 28, the night her father allows her to go on her first real date with a boy and I feel weepy and nostalgic.

I considered a photo book, buying digital scrapbooking software, or even creating a blog book (I still want to do that for her adoption story) but there’s just something in me that needs to cut paper, arrange to my liking, and journal in my own handwriting for her baby album.

Plus, those other options aren’t free.  Not even close.

I’ll let you know how it goes.


3 thoughts on “Uh-oh. There’s a Cost for Free.

  1. *Smiling*

    “Free” rarely works out to “free” for me either. I tried to order our Christmas cards with a free online code and ended up missing the deadline by like half and hour. I was like you with the calendar….after all that work, I certainly couldn’t just leave them there in cyber space to be erased! My “free” cards ended up costing me something like $28. 🙂

  2. Was out and about today and looked all over West Georgia for a 2010 Suzy’s Zoo calendar. Sadly, the duck eluded me too!

    This is a neat “free” offer. An 8×10 canvas print. (A $49.95 value.) The only cost is the shipping fee of $14.95. I have a friend who already received hers, and it is very well done. I’ve wanted one of these for a long time, because they are unique but they tend to be expensive, so I’ve hesitated. This time I went for it.

    Because I’ve already ordered mine, I can tell you that there was no additional cost other than the shipping fee, which was fair, and I was willing to pay it.

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