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Not Off to a Frugal Start

As part of my annual New Years Resolution to be more of a penny-pincher, I re-subscribed (for the umpteenth time) to Money Saving Mom (great blog) and I heard about a free poster calendar offer that Shutterfly was offering.  I was so excited and {click, click, click} immediately visited the site and got started creating my free poster calendar.  Yet I failed to read the word poster, which is key to earning the product for, you know, free.

I spent an hour last night making a calendar, subconsciously what I wanted anyway.  Oh, and I started making said calendar at 1:00 in the morning – before I realized that, no, calendars were not part of the free offer.  I gave up and ordered it anyway because I had SACRIFICED BEAUTY SLEEP OVER IT so it was too late, garsh darnit.  I really thought it was so pretty too.  I had to have it.

I think I know why I fail in my attempts to be frugal (or at least in the commitment to be frugal).  Are you like me?

Speaking of calendars.

I didn’t get my beloved Suzy’s Zoo calendar this year.  Mike, the one who orders it every year for me for Christmas and I think it’s the most romantic gesture ever because when we were dating he thought it would be funny to poke a Suzy’s Zoo item I had with a fork and is still paying for that sin, called me from work in mid-December with the bad news.  Retailers are sold out.  I frantically contacted many (well, I googled them) and they said they sell out quickly every year but they had plenty of the 2009 calendars in stock, if I’d be interested.

I’m still confused about that.

I was depressed for a week day week little while and wondered how I’m going to break the 15 year tradition I had with this certain happy ducken (part duck, part chicken) on my wall.

Maybe it’s time.

Don’t you dare say that.

My fondness for this cute and quirky little ducken (with all her friends gathered on a happy, yet pretty darn chilly, Saturday afternoon in Grandma Gussie’s garden shed (is that September? November?) is not understood by all.  But it’s my thing, you know.  I don’t wear Suzy’s Zoo embroidered on my overalls.  I just have to have the calendar.

I will find it.

Because, remember this?

I’m doing it for the children.


4 thoughts on “Not Off to a Frugal Start

  1. Hi Anna!

    Happy New Year!

    I think so many want to start trying to be frugal the first of the year. It’s always my goal, too. Money Saving Mom is awesome!


  2. So, let me get this straight, Suzy Zoo calendars sell out? Really??

    I did not realize that.

    (Sorry, couldn’t resist a little token mocking.)

    I hope you find one, otherwise you might have to buy a 2009 from that crazy gentlemen and re-write the dates with a Sharpie.

    I want to be frugal but I don’t think I was born with that gene.

  3. I’m sorry, I just can’t stop imagining scores of over-all clad people at Barnes & Noble and Hallmark stores pushing each other out of the way for the last Suzy Zoo 2010.

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