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Good Granny Smith

Over the Christmas holiday, my kids got rich.

We played a game at Mike’s grandparents’ house.  There were 13 presents under the Christmas tree, one for each member in the family.

Each box had something special inside.  An apple.  An orange.  Something delicious.

And a $50 bill.

There were TWO boxes that had TWO $50 bills.  But no one knew which ones.

We drew numbers and picked one of the 13 boxes in the order of our number called.

We opened our packages at once.  Everyone was excited to see what was inside their box!

Max and Mini got two Granny Smiths!  And a hundred bucks!


Max is saving his for about a hundred different things.  He changes his mind daily.

But I went ahead and spent Mini’s (plus mine and a little bit of Mike’s) (just kidding, Mike) on something really special.

Not stickers.  Did you really think I’d spend all that money on stickers?  Well, that’s entirely possible if I was in the mood and some of them were Suzy’s Zoo, but that’s beside the point.

The money went towards a little kids’ table that’s just the right size for all kinds of fun stuff.  I think it’s perfect and wish I bought it a long, long time ago.  Mini loves it.  Max loves it.

Our pack of bottled water loves it.  (how did that get stashed under there?  hey, that’s not a bad place for it.)

Thanks for your generosity, Grandma and Grandaddy.  We love you.  Mini talks about the cows all the time and she misses them a lot.  We’ll sit at the table and draw a picture of a cow just for you!


8 thoughts on “Good Granny Smith

  1. What a great find! They’ll get YEARS of use and enjoyment out of that table and chairs I bet. They are so adorable, Anna. Glad y’all had a merry Christmas. Your family always brings a huge smile to my face. xoxoxo

  2. What fun! I think we’ll do a similar game next year with my family, though I think we’ll just put $10 in one box and silly stuff in the others. Thanks for the idea. Later this week I’ll be posting the fun game we played this year; the post is already written and scheduled – yay!

    We just got a table that is very similar – we LOVE it too! I don’t know how we’ve lived so long with kids and no little table like that!

  3. It looks like you guys had a great Christmas. What a fun game! Was everyone else bummed that the little kids got all the money? 🙂 The table is great! Madeline has one that she uses all the time. It’s nice to have something your own size:)

  4. Where did you get the table and chairs? It’s PERFECT! We need something like that for That Other Kid’s room! We have a school table but need something for lego building and other various hard surface activities!!

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