Family Days

Happy New Year!  Mike has been off this week and our schedule has been clear to take life moment by moment.  It’s been so nice!  We went out to dinner with friends but other than that we have been cooking at home and having regular family dinners at the table.  I think the month of December recharged our family battery, so to speak.  Going on two vacations helped.  Getting a Wii helped.  And getting a new TV (have you ever marveled over how a man makes a major electronic purchase?) helped.  Our 14 year old television had to go and, yeah, I think it makes Mike kind of happy.

Yesterday was a great family time, too.  We woke up on New Years Eve to a couple of inches of fresh snow and Mike persuaded me to take the kids out to play.  I didn’t want to.

The thought of getting a wiggling toddler dressed in layers, zipping up jackets, putting on hat, mittens, and boots, then going out for 5 minutes before she wanted to come in didn’t appeal to me.

I underestimated my little girl.  She was perfectly still for the dressing and she LOVED being out in the snow.  We stayed out for about an hour.  Max ran in the house to get the sled and we decided to trek all the way to the Big Hill of the neighborhood.  Mini enjoyed the ride over there as much as she loved the ride down the hill.

We had the entire hill to ourselves.  I guess since we just had over 2 feet of snow in the last storm, people weren’t as willing to get out and have fun in it.  It was great for us though!


6 thoughts on “Family Days

  1. That is funny… we JUST replaced our 15 yo tv with a flatscreen and blu-ray player before Christmas. I like it. Our old tv still works and we just dragged our feet to replace it.

    Sledding looks fun! I’m glad you all have had so much snow and have had a good December. Vacations and Wii’s can do wonders…

  2. Here in Texas we are such wimps that when the snow came we just stayed inside! Of course, we weren’t prepared with gloves, scarfs, etc!!
    Ya’ll obviously had a great time!! Even MIKE!!

  3. How fun! I can’t even imagine having 2 feet of snow….it would literally shut down our city! Fo that matter, I can’t imagine having hills, either. 🙂

    So glad you guys have been able to spend such a fun, relaxing week together. Happy New Year to you all!

  4. Oh, that Mini is just gorgeous!
    I’m glad you had so much fun!
    About a year ago we replaced our tv; it was at least as old as yours. My husband was giddy with excitement, and that doesn’t happen often!

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