2009 Recap

I’m joining in on the fun carnival over at Musings of a Housewife. I’m going back and copying the first line of the first post written for every month in 2009.  What was it that I wrote about again??


The following pictures brought back some great memories of Max’s personality in the year 2008.

I had forgotten all about those paper eyeglasses he made and then proudly wore to Wal-Mart.  Oh, man. Max cracks me up.


Mini steps to Max.

I thought I was hilarious with the double meaning.  But what I love most about this post is the 5 second video of Mini taking some of her very first steps and hearing how proud Max was of her.  Genuine.  I love it.  Almost as much as that little pig tail sticking straight up (I was in a hurry with that little piggy, wasn’t I?)


This weekend Max got ready to spend the night at Aunt Jen’s place, skyrocketing levels of anticipation I haven’t seen since he found out The Clone Wars movie came in the mail last week.

I was alone with the kids because Mike was at a youth conference and I had a broken foot.  Max wasn’t the only one excited!


Gross, ey?

Yes, that April Fool’s Dessert was gross.  But it was awesome and the Jr. High kids still talk about it.


Following a day that reminded me of sadness, how blessed am I that I don’t have to look far to remember how the sorrow turned into joy.

This was a You Capture post for Beth’s weekly photo carnival.  I remember the timing to be just perfect.


Max finished his last bit of memorizing verses on the final night of Awana

Oh, Max is consistently an “at the buzzer” kid.


Scratched cornea again.



Finally, Max felt better on Friday and the doors flung wide open as we welcomed his cousins to come over and stay.

Cousins are the best.


The time passed much too quickly but we all had a fun week at the beach.


We have Pizza and Coke night every Friday.

A real deep-thinker of a post.  That’s why you come here, right?


So I scratched my eyeball again.

It figures that this would show up twice in this recap.  Good grief.


Our trip to Disney World was fantastic and we made great memories with Max.

With all the eye scratching and broken foot business (and fire, which surprisingly didn’t make it on this recap list), I still would do it all over again.  Am I crazy for saying that?


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