Where’s Jesus?

For some reason, every year Jesus goes missing from the Christmas scene.  Mini noticed he was gone and asked, “Where Jesus go?”

We found him at the bottom of the stairs.

This season has been a whirlwind and the tree finally got put up yesterday, ten days before Christmas.  Max gave up on my promises to get out all of the decorations and he just hung up his stocking himself on an unoccupied nail.  In the middle of the living room wall.

We participated in Operation Shoebox, listened to carols, read books, and got caught up on the advent calendar – in the express fashion.  Not the way I pictured doing it, but we did it.

Tomorrow we leave for a few days to celebrate Christmas with loved ones in Arkansas.  It will be fun, festive, loud at times (we provide most of the loud), and memorable.  But when we come home just in time for Christmas, I want to make sure we spend a few (quiet?  is that possible?) minutes as a family not forgetting to emphasize and keep Christ in the center of it all.

It’s challenging for me, right now, to be intentional.  But after the holidays I don’t want to be asking the question, “where’d Jesus go?”

Okay, maybe the quiet part is just for me.


7 thoughts on “Where’s Jesus?

  1. Too cute! We actually remove baby Jesus from our nativity set until Christmas morning. We’ve been doing it since the boy was little and it is a tradition. I thought that was where you were going with this post but admit that I got a big laugh at “we found him at the bottom of the stairs.” Where two or three are gathered… Merry CHRISTmas!

  2. For years, the real Jesus from our manger was missing. Mom took a matchbox bottom, lined it with a blue tissue and there was a little plastic baby in there. She finally found the piece in an antique shop where she snatched it up along with another camel and a wise man, that, had also chipped, were broken, or lost over the years.

    Additionally, your blog topic reminded me of a conversation thing 4 had with her dad this morning (the 5 year old).

    thing 4: where is Jesus?
    Dad: with his dad in heaven
    thing 4: no he’s not, dad. He’s right here (as she pointed to her heart.)

    i know. i wanted to melt. i think he teared up.

  3. SO sweet! It’s can be a challenge to keep the focus where it belongs with all the ads, shopping, and general busyness of the season–why do we do all that?!?!

    Enjoy your time in Arkansas!

  4. Merry Christmas to all of y’all! I haven’t been by in awhile (you know how it is with a big kid and a toddler!) but I’ve been thinking of you and missing you. Your kids are growing, growing, growing and you are as pretty and funny and loveable as ever. Hugs to all of you! Happy New Year – hope to reconnect a bit when things slow down. IF things slow down. xoxoxo

  5. We found our baby Jesus in July once. Trapped between the TV trays on the stand… It was pretty hilarious seeing Punkin running around the house screaming “I found baby Jesus!!” Priceless.

    Merry Christmas, Anna. I hope you have a fabulous Christmas Day!

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