Christmas Party

On Friday night we had a Christmas party with our care group from church.  One of our family traditions is to make a batch of my granny’s sugar cookies, so we decided to bring them to the party.  Except this year they weren’t cut out as the usual bells, angels, and reindeer.  They were Mickey Mouse ears.

Some of them had little stars cut out of the middle, which was Max’s idea.  He said it was “to show that Mickey rocks.”  We had a lot of fun rolling out the dough, getting flour everywhere, and trying not to break the ears off too many.  We had to eat the broken ones, of course.

Max was very excited about the party.  Our care group is very casual (the way we like it!) but Max insisted on wearing a tie.  Just like Indiana Jones.  I’m not sure I remember Indy wearing a plaid tie in any of his action movies, but the way the tie is tied is important.  And the bag of Cheez-its.  That is a crucial part of the costume, as well.

Mini insisted on dressing up, too.  She wanted to wear her silver sparkle shoes so we went looking around for the perfect outfit to coordinate.

Amazingly, Cheez-its accessorize with her outfit as well.  As long as they are in a purple cup.

Mini adores Grace.  For those of you who are new to my blog, Grace is Max’s future wife.  It’s talked about a lot less at 7 years old than it was at 5 and 6, but if I have any say in the matter, it will come to be.  Grace is the sweetest thing.  I’ll be saving this picture of the future sisters for the slide show at the wedding reception.  Did you know I’m collecting pictures for the slide show?

For example, there’s this one

And this one

And, of course, this one

Sorry, did I go off-topic?

Back to the party.

One of the highlights of the evening (besides the food!) was watching group Pictionary from the sidelines.  I was much too busy chasing Mini around the place to be an active participant, but I did get to witness Max’s turn at the white board.

He had to draw “All I Want for Christmas is my Two Front Teeth

Except for a couple of guesses thrown out there about aliens, someone got the title of the song.  That someone was his dad 🙂

Then Max went on to explain that those were his teeth in his hands.  Ohhhhh.  We got it.

Santa also made an appearance at the party before we arrived.  There were presents for all the kids under the tree!  It was such a thoughtful surprise.  Happy chaos broke out as soon as the gifts were handed out. Max got a Nerf basketball rim for his door and Mini got a Little People set and Veggie Tales toothbrush (she loves Veggie Tales and calls it “LarryBob.”)

It was a fun night and it was neat to see how excited our kids were to be at the party, too.  They are growing up with memories of times with kids of all ages and grown-ups who love them.  Just another reminder why we love our church so much.  God has blessed us with great friendships.


3 thoughts on “Christmas Party

  1. How beautiful… What a great holiday experience. I deeply hope that, by this time next year, we have a great small group at our church. I deeply miss that.

    1}love Max’s outfit.
    2} mini’s too, but the shoes are key!
    3} Mickey DOES ROCK!
    4} maybe cheeze it’s are the adornment I am missing in my outfits? Note to self…

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