Stories about Emmie

22 Months

Mini will be 22 months old this Wednesday.  Between you and me, if I could dress her in these striped leggings every single day of her life, I’d do it.

What do you think of her new room color?

This is before

This is now

The old color is Notable Hue.  I painted this room when we thought we were adopting a baby boy just a couple of months before we found out God wanted us to have a certain little girl, instead.  I loved the blue and at the time thought it was still perfect for even a baby girl’s room.  It was bright, crisp, and lovely.

But then I got the chance to change it all expenses-paid.  So out with the blue and in with Awesome Violet.  I love it.  It’s girlie but not too lavender.  Just right.

(I’m still reeling from the all-expenses paid part.  Like a good neighbor, State Farm was there.)

Anyway, back to Mini.

22 months!  This month we did something major and took the baby gates down from the stairs.  I had been leading life in full denial that, due to the proper use of those annoying baby gates, Mini was “trained” to stay in the section of the house that I put her in.

But then one day I looked around and she wasn’t in that section I put her in.

She had walked right through the bannister slabs (poles?) (spindles?) (whatever you call those things?) and bopped down the stairs to play with Max.

Obviously the gates weren’t doing much good.  I asked Mike if he thought it was time to take them down and before I got my words out of my mouth, I heard the screwdriver sound on his drill.  He took them down and now she’s a free roamer.

Just don’t tell her there’s a way out of her crib.  I’d like to live in denial about the fact that she could climb right out if she really wanted to.  Denial is nice.

Give me denial, those striped leggings, and that Awesome Violet and I’ve found my happy place.


3 thoughts on “22 Months

  1. Such a big girl. I used to wear leggings like that. So did my sisters. I guess its a Mom thing? lol Love the new room color. Its her birthstone too!

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