Disney World Christmas 09

Disney World – Day 4

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Day 4 was my 35th birthday and we had planned to spend the morning in Magic Kingdom, have breakfast at the Crystal Palace with Pooh and his buddies, and take the Monorail over to Epcot for the afternoon and evening.

Plans, schmanz.

I had decided the night before that after a delicious steak dinner (cha-ching) and the fact that Max, as a 7 year old, had no interest in my friend Winnie the Pooh, we should just cancel the character breakfast.  Mike tried to talk me out of it but it was my birthday and I was the boss.

Well.  We would have had to cancel it anyway because I woke up the next morning with that scratched eye feeling I have learned to recognize as DREAD.  I had been using eye drops one after another it seemed but I think they intentionally puff air on every single ride and attraction so my eyes were dry and burning a lot.  I tried so hard to not feel anxious about it, too.

On Thursday morning I was so uncomfortable and sensitive to light.  But because it was my birthday and I had planned for some magic to happen for SO LONG, I was not going to stay home in a dark room.

It was a rough morning but I was thankful for the cloudy skies and dark sunglasses.  I know I looked weird.

I was still smiling, though, because my birthday is truly my favorite holiday.  Of course, I was so excited to receive my button and $79 gift card that Disney so graciously gave me (in exchange for already having a paid ticket since free admission to the park was their real offer for birthday guests).

Plus, Mike bought me some Edy’s ice-cream.

There’s healing power in hot fudge sundaes.

That’s a mighty big picture, isn’t it.  But I wanted you to really appreciate the whipped cream.   I did.

We enjoyed our morning at Magic Kingdom and my eyes were starting to feel better.  Unfortunately, my body as a whole felt like it was breaking down on me.  I started to feel like I had either a kidney or a bladder infection (too much information?  sorry.  It’s significant though because it told me to drink LOTS of water during the day.  Little did I know how important that would be…)

Anyway, the fun wasn’t going to stop.

We rode some rides, ate lunch, and headed out to Epcot for more rides and fun.  Max loved Epcot and got to be one of the participants in the Talking with Crush attraction.  It was a really fun day.  Illuminations with the fireworks at night were awesome (until a tiny piece of ash landed in my eye…GEEZ!  What else can happen today??  I walked back to the bus with my hand over my eye and washed it repetitively over and over when we got back home.

Then the next morning, you know what happened.  Thankfully, I had the kind of kidney stone attack that is colic and I had no pain for the entire plane trip home.  It hit me again when we got to the car but again no pain until later that night.  Then it really hit.  I wanted to die.

But all that’s in the pass’d 🙂  and I’m remembering our Disney week with fond memories, laughter, and just good fun with Mike and Max.  Ironically, this week was just what the doctor ordered after a really hard year.  Even though it sent me back to the doctor once again.  But I’m still smiling!

Pics from the day:


5 thoughts on “Disney World – Day 4

  1. Yowie, bless your heart. EPCOT use to be our less favorite park and we always said…..”ah, we’ll get there eventually”. Slowly we’ve seen ourselves come to love it more and more, now we find that if we end up at EPCOT 2 or 3 times, want to get there first and can’t wait to see our favorites there. Funny how your faves change over the years, I’m sure it will change again with Cole. (Although MK is our true very favorite park) = Soarin’ is my absolute favorite thing right now and Test Track is Andy’s. Those were the 2 things that we baby swapped Cole to ride this trip. I love the Turtle talk with Crush too, isn’t that amazing. What did Max ask????? or what did Crush ask him??

    Yay for a great birthday trip, despite the bumps in the road!

  2. I am so sorry things have been so hard for you this year. I’m glad you had fun and are still smiling. We love you guys and would love to have gone with you to Disney! …next time. 🙂

  3. I just went back and read all these and ooed/aaed at all the pictures. Since Jesse took me to Disney on Ice, I have been OBSESSED and I want to go to Disney World so bad, I could literally DIE! Haaaaa… someday. Until then, I have your blog. 😉

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