Disney World Christmas 09

Disney World – Day 3

Click here for Day 1 – Downtown Disney

Click here for Day 2, part 1- Hollywood Studios

Click here for Day 2, part 2 – Magic Kingdom

On Wednesday we slept in kinda late and ate breakfast down in the hotel’s restaurant.  We made plans to go to Animal Kingdom based on your comments and suggestions not to miss out on this theme park.  Thank you for speaking up!  At first I was thinking we’d skip it because we have such a great zoo here in D.C., so what’s going to be the big deal about Animal Kingdom?

Oh my word.  Animal Kingdom was so fun.  First, I loved that we didn’t arrive until 11:00 but were done by 5:00.

Second, Dinosaur (the ride) was not to be missed.

Neither was Expedition Everest.

The safari was so fun.  Our driver was hilarious and I love that Disney cast members make you feel like you’re getting a VIP experience.  The lion even posed for us.

The African drums were a huge hit (badum dum).

And, thank you WeaverMom, the cinnamon almonds were so yummy.

After returning to the hotel, we ate dinner at their restaurant.  The filet mignon was absolutely delicious.  Then Mike and Max went upstairs to the room to chill for the rest of the evening and I hopped on a bus to do more shopping at Downtown Disney.  The boys no longer had any interest in shopping so this was my opportunity!  I enjoyed the time to myself amongst the crowd and made it home just in time before it rained.

Here are some pictures from our day.


4 thoughts on “Disney World – Day 3

  1. Oh GOOD! I’m glad y’all went to Animal Kingdom after all–and that you enjoyed it.

    I forgot about Exp. Everest–Scott rode that while Annelise and I ate Mickey Ear ice cream.

    Did y’all get to see the parade?

    The safari is a lot of fun. Annelise still worries about poachers. 🙂

  2. I’m glad Max liked Dinosaur. I was anxious to read what he thought and if yall rode it. It’s …. intense, at least for the first time for sure. (And truth be told I STILL close my eyes in 2 parts) he he he…… We like Animal Kingdom, but it’s our least favorite in general.

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