Disney World Christmas 09

Disney World Day 2 (Part 2)

Click here for Day 1 (Downtown Disney)

Click here for Day 2 (Hollywood Studios)

We spent about 8 hours at Hollywood Studios at a leisurely pace and loved every minute of it.  This had been a good first full day at the parks for us.  Nothing was stressful about our vacation so far and the weather was fabulous – sunny and in the mid-70’s.  We were quite comfortable in our jeans and t-shirts and I was even sporting a Christmas-y one that I had just bought at Target.

Any guesses how many other mommies I saw wearing the same shirt?

Just one, but it made me laugh.  We looked at each other, pointed, smiled, and mouthed the store’s name with a little nod.

It’s a common language we mommies speak.  Everyone loves a $5 seasonal tee.

So, it was getting late in the afternoon and we held tickets to the biggest party in Orlando that night so we needed to leave Hollywood and hop on a Disney transfer bus to Magic Kingdom.  It was time for Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party!

The bus was loading up as soon as we exited the park so we ran to catch it in time.  It dropped us off at the Ticket center and we rode the monorail over to the MK entrance.  Christmas was in the air and we were very excited!

Not many of my pictures turned out very well so we stood in a short line to have a professional Photopass photographer take the iconic shot of our family in front of the castle.  It made a nice keepsake but you can’t download the images for free so you’ll just have to take my word for it 🙂

Incidentally, I did use the Photopass website to upload all my pics and we had a dozen or so taken by their photographers, too.  Last night I stayed up late making a photo book and paid almost $100 for it.  I figured I’d probably spend that much buying scrapbooking supplies if I went that route and it would NEVER get done.  But still, a hundred bucks!

The party was a lot of fun.  The first thing we did was stand in anticipation for the lighting of Cinderella’s Castle.  I was giddy with excitement over the glitter effect.  I made friends with another lady beside me because Mike and Max couldn’t relate to my feelings one bit.

We rode everything in Tomorrowland and had no wait for Space Mountain!  That was one of my favorite rides.  Max’s favorite attraction was this one, which he and Mike went on while I did some shopping.

I think he loved driving the cars even more because we had just seen the big stunt show at Hollywood Studios.  He had warned us earlier that he shouldn’t watch that because it might give him ideas to drive like that when he gets older.  He says the funniest things.  Well, I do think it gave him ideas to go crazy but Disney World still gave him a keepsake driver’s license anyway.  He’s very proud of that license.

While I moseyed around I saw all these people with cocoa and cookies so I followed my nose and found the spot where they were handing them out.  Evidently, someone was giving me wrong ideas because I didn’t make it 5 minutes in a store before I spilled my cocoa all over the floor.  I bought my first souvenir because of it though 🙂  It was a kitty in a purse for Mini.  She loves it and, good news, its fur was nicely washable.

We made our way to Fantasy Land to ride the classic Dumbo ride and It’s A Small World, which Max liked a lot but I found kind of creepy.  Mike got a nice nap.

Then we watched the fireworks and saw the parade, which were both amazing.  We followed Santa all the way down Main Street where it was snowing and Christmas music continued to play.  But yes, It’s a Small World was still stuck in our heads.

We rode the ferry back to the Ticket Center and eventually found our bus to the hotel.  It was well past midnight and we were exhausted.

The next day we promised would be a little more relaxed.


4 thoughts on “Disney World Day 2 (Part 2)

  1. Love the picture of Cinderella’s castle with the reflection in the water. Cool! I think it’s great you’ve ordered a book (even though it was a bit $$)–that way you are done and can enjoy the pictures and memories soon.

    Glad y’all liked Mickey’s Merry Christmas Party. I think it’s totally worth it–I mean free hot chocolate and cookies, c’mon!

    We didn’t do too much in Tomorrowland and Space Mountain was down for repairs. Oh well. I bet Max had a blast though!!

  2. I’m loving this!

    Small World creepy? Who are you? 🙂

    Yay for the party, it’s so Christmas-y and the lines are so short. I think it’s worth it for sure if you aren’t staying long or can go a day you didn’t go to a park.

    Christmas cookies & hot chocolate by the bucket load. I have fond memories…..

    He wasn’t interested in the characters, that’s going to be Cole in a few years. “Mommy, I am NOT standing in line while YOU want to see those guys” I can hear it now. My heart will break…. He & his Daddy will go ride spinning tea cups (they make me sick) while I stand in line to meet Mickey. He he he……

    Buzz & the Toy Story Mania are both my faves. I love the interactive stuff!! We always ride Buzz more than once b/c I beat Andy’s score the first time and he can’t take it! HA!!

    If you stay on property they send you a thing to pre-order a disc with your pictures on them for 50% off the regular price. I forgot to order it though, duh. They also send you a photopass in the packet and you go ahead and register it. Praise the Lord! B/C I lost our first one!! It had our first few character meetings, but since I’d preregistered it, I went to my account and those pics were already there. *sigh of relief* I ended up only paying to download 2 pictures and then made my own book at shutterfly with my own pictures. I think mine was about $35. I added a ton of pages and had an insane amount of photos I’d taken. I gave up paper scrapbooking about a year ago and now make shutterfly books all the time for trips or one a year. Often there are deals for 50% off those too!! I actually ordered a Disney book for my parents & my own Grandmother for Christmas gifts. (and I made calendars, not just with Disney pics though…just COle pics)

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