Disney World Christmas 09

Back Home from Disney

Our trip to Disney World was fantastic and we made great memories with Max.  His reaction to the surprise made us chuckle, though.  We set up a scavenger hunt to find three clues in hiding places like this:

The game was exciting.  Hearing him read the clues out loud without help was really fun.  But his reaction at the end?  When it was spelled out for him exactly where we were going?

His reaction wasn’t as big as I had hoped.

Give it a few hours, though.  He proved to be VERY excited in a few hours.

The ride to the airport was really fun.  All the questions, all the requests for conversations about The Haunted Mansion, Pirates of the Caribbean, the Lego store, and the Indiana Jones stunt show.  Yes, the excitement was building.

I’ll post more pictures and tell you all about our fast-as-lightning 3 days in the parks.  We had a blast and it was a perfect week to go – great weather, minimal crowds and hardly any waiting in line.  It was nostalgic to spend the same week at Disney that we did 13 years ago for our honeymoon.  And, yep, Disney gave me a Happy Birthday button that I proudly wore all day on Thursday and I enjoyed every bit of attention they gave me!

I will definitely be back as soon as I can.

But first, I need some down time.  Not just because of exhaustion, laundry, or a much needed trip to the grocery store.  Not because we came home to a beautifully (!) painted house and all our stuff is in boxes or stacked up in closets.  But that’s also true.  There is A LOT of stuff to put away before Christmas decorations can be taken down from the attic.  The painters did a great job and I love the colors, though.

No, the down time that I need right now is due to another little medical problem.  One to add to the list of life’s dramas for 2009.  I had a kidney stone attack the day we flew home.

Oh, it’s been tremendous fun.  But, I’ll just go ahead and say it; this too shall pass.

See you in a few days.


8 thoughts on “Back Home from Disney

  1. Cant wait to see more pics! SO sorry about the stone. Mom has been there and done that. And I’m SURE she’ll be leaving a comment on THAT. hehe Glad you’re home safe. Loves loves.

  2. Oh no! Feel better soon!!! I’m glad your trip went well!! 🙂 Can’t wait to see pics after you’re feeling better and have had a chance to settle back in.

  3. Anna!! I guess at least was the on the way home and not the way there! Sheesh! Hope you feel better immediately!

    Glad the trip was fun – can’t wait to hear more!

  4. Girl…I feel so, so, so sorry for you. I had one of those bad boys a few years ago and that was the most pain I’ve ever had in my life. Rest, water, and Vicodin are your friends!!

    I’m glad you had a fun Disney adventure. Can’t wait to hear and see more.

  5. Oh no! I’ve never had one but have heard how horrible the pain is. I’m sorry!! Hope you feel better soon.

    So that first picture of Max cracked me up–it took a while for it to sink in I guess. 🙂 Funny boy.

    Can’t wait to hear about your action packed park experience–once you are feeling better.

  6. I am so sorry to hear about your kidney stone attack. This has been a year. I can’t wait to see the pictures though and hear all the details of your Disney trip. Welcome home!

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