Birthday Planning in the Hands of a 7 year old

With all the preparations and planning for our trip to Disney World next week I guess my focus has been on Christmas (and of course my birthday, have I mentioned that?) for some time now.  So Thanksgiving kind of got the short end of the wishbone this year.  Along with Mike’s birthday, which was yesterday.

We did do a couple of things to celebrate the occasion.  On Friday our care group from church got together and I bought Mike a Fudgy the Whale cake.  Except it was a turkey but same thing.  Carvel ice-cream cakes are the best and Mike and I both share this opinion.  Our tastes are so different when it comes to food and desserts and everything else that matters so this is marriage-saving information.  Carvel and their chocolate crunchies have kept us together.

Back to Mike’s birthday.  Max took over arranging all the festivities and surprises for Dad.  He went to his bank, put 7 pennies in one of his socks and hid it under the covers on Mike’s side of the bed the night before.  But soon Max worried that maybe he wouldn’t find it so he stuffed the sock with a maraca and warned, “don’t be too surprised if you hear something rattle near your foot!”

His ability to surprise, it boggles the mind.

Then, in the morning, he proudly presented a card he had made along with his present.

Nothing says I think you are the world’s best dad more than a dollar.

We decided later on to add a few things to that dollar and by the time Mike got home from work, our trip to the mall put a few more presents on the table.  After rushing out the door to Kung Fu and ordering Max’s choice of take-out via the drive-thru window, we enjoyed our regular hectic Tuesday evening as a family.  It was still a great night and the only thing missing was a second Fudgy the Whale Turkey cake.


One thought on “Birthday Planning in the Hands of a 7 year old

  1. So sweet….I love the pennies in a sock! 🙂 I love it when kids give something of their own as a gift. We got a Thanksgiving present today from our 6 year old…a tiny American flag, a toy camera, and a board book…all wrapped in one of his little blankets. So cute!

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