Five for Friday

1.  I found out that Max had a part in the Christmas play and he was so excited.  Too bad we won’t actually be in town for the Christmas play.  It’s happening the day we arrive in Disney World and Max still doesn’t know about the secret plans we’ve been making right under his nose for 5 months.   But now he knows he won’t get to be in the Christmas play.  I had to tell him we’d be gone so that he would understand why another boy was going to practice his part next week.  He was quite upset, to the point of tears, so I gave away part of the surprise and told him that we’re taking him somewhere really, really, really fun.  He asked if it was Chuck E. Cheese!  Oh, this is going to be good.

2.  My eyes are feeling pretty good.  I went back to the doctor this week for a follow-up and he said things are looking nice and healthy.  I’m still dealing with symptoms on a daily basis but I definitely feel more in control over what products work for me.  I even started buying in bulk.  I’m sorry but I think eye drops should not be called Refresh.  Especially when they come in tall rectangular boxes.

3.  Mini is really starting to talk and she is FUNNY.  Her thing this week is saying “I sawee” when she knocks something over or runs into someone.  The other day she and another little boy bumped into each other by accident at the playground and after they both cried she went up to him and patted him on the back and said, “I sawee.”  The funny thing is, she kinda squatted down and leaned in towards him.  His mom and I burst out laughing, it was super cute.

4.  She’s also doing a lot of this

And a lot of this

Girlfriend has loved being able to get herself up in a big person’s chair on her own.  And OH what trouble she can find.  Mommy is busy.

5.  Max has a double ear infection and we’re going back to the ENT this week to discuss tubes again.  Not a good diagnosis right before getting on a plane and looping around in roller coasters but I’m praying for him to get healthy.  Thankfully he’s not in any pain whatsoever and he will finish his 10-days of antibiotics right before we leave.  I feel lots of guilt about not following up with his doctor sooner about the known fluid in his ears, though.  The pediatrician didn’t make a big deal of it in October but I SHOULD KNOW BETTER.  Clearly I should have recognized the signs (behavior problems, more daydreaming, speech regression, floppiness) and asked for a referral to the ENT anyway.  An ear ache has never been a symptom for Max.  I’m just sharing all of this because it’s come up in a lot of mom conversations this week and maybe it would be helpful to someone else dealing with this.  Go to the ENT.

On that note, I’m going to bed.  It’s been an eventful week and I need sleep.


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