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Coming Back Into My Real World

Maybe I’m getting too old for junior high.  Perhaps I can’t enter and exit two different caffeinated worlds with the ease I used to take for granted.  But doing what I needed to do in planning my part (light on the planning, heavy on the procrastinating) and making sure my kids got more to eat than a box of Cheez-Its and tap water, took all my energy.  THEN there was the retreat.  I was wiped.  Whooped.  Wasted.  By Friday at 6 p.m.

But!  It was so good.  So, so good.  Mike and I were just two parts of a team of incredible leaders (am I calling us incredible, too?  well, okay.) who could go.  We all really love those kids.  Several of us have been junior high leaders for a decade or more.  And even if the group we have this year is slightly more caffeinated than the ones we’ve had in the past, I consider this one among my favorites.  I say that to every group, though.

Many times this weekend I was thinking about Max.  What would he be like in Junior High?  Right now he hears about the messy games, the large quantities of whipped cream and chocolate syrup we go through in any given year, and he just can’t wait to be in a group where he has incredible leaders who actually allow the throwing of food.  All in the name of Jesus.  He wants to be so much like his dad, you know.

Actually, Mike’s not technically a Junior High leader anymore.  He left us when he took the job of Pastor of Student Ministries last December and now he’s with the high school group.  Whatever.  He’s still a junior high leader at heart.

We really do love these kids.  And as tired as I am (it’s Tuesday and I’m still not 100 percent), I am already looking forward to next year.

But I may hire a babysitter for a few days leading up to the weekend.

And a few days after.

(for the record, Mike caught 9 marshmallows.  He’s a stud.)


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