Five for Friday

1.   I’ve almost blown the Disney surprise a few times this week; clearly keeping a secret is hard for me!   This week I’ve made some final details for the trip and got a better deal on the hotel.  It pays to stay on top of things when planning a Disney vacation.

Also, did I tell you that Mini is going to be at Pops and Nana’s that week?  We decided that she was a bit young for all the Magic so we’ll wait until she would be wide-eyed over Princesses to take her along.  This time, it’s all about thrill-seeking in the eyes of a 7 year-old boy from open ’til close.  Oh, and of course, me, since we’ll be having my birthday breakfast at the Crystal Palace with all the characters from Winnie the Pooh.   Fun, fun, fun!

2.  It looks like it’s going to work out for the painting to be done while we’re away.  We had a walk-thru the other day and all the paint colors have been submitted.  For the kitchen, I stayed with my first choice, Biltmore Buff.  Part of me wanted to go spicier in the kitchen but I also wanted the living room and kitchen to be the same color since our house is so open.  Can’t really complain about the open floor plan; it’s the reason the insurance is paying for all the walls to be painted since the smoke went everywhere.  I’m so glad to be done with the decision-making.

3.  My eyes are feeling so much better!

4.  School is going well but I had to change up the reward system to keep Max engaged.  Or to keep him from falling off his stool, draping his body over the kitchen table, knocking over the pencil case onto the floor, etc., etc., if he got bored.  This stuff comes in waves and when it comes, I need to be ready with construction paper and creative thinking.

I’m trying out a ticket-like system where he can earn 5 minutes of computer time per subject and bonus 5 minute-tickets too.  He can also have tickets taken away.  He hates that but I think it’s equally effective.  Especially when he truly understands the reason and says “Can I have a do-over?”

Do-overs are awesome.

I had him draw a computer so that we could put the 5-minute tickets he earned on it.


(he imagined himself looking at Lego’s website.  I thought it was hysterical that he wrote “The 8962 Crystal King” {happy to translate} on the screen, which is a Lego set that’s on the top of his Christmas list.  I think he has a future in marketing.)


It’s a very simple reward system and he got the point of it right away.  He can earn up to 60 minutes of computer time per day.  He hasn’t yet made it to 60 but I hope that day will come soon.

5.  Finally, I’m going to leave you with pictures of Mini and her growing affection for shoes.  She doesn’t want to have a thing to do with frilly dresses or hair bows, but when it comes to shoes she is a girly girl.  Recently my sister in law sent a big box of clothes from my niece and there were so many cute shoes inside!  Here are what Mini gets to choose from each day.


And it’s so hard to decide.


If I could find these quilted velvet shoes in my size, I’d order them on the spot.


Of course, I feel that way about wearing a velour sweatsuit, too, like she did last Sunday.  This outfit took her from dressed-up at church…


…to practicing Kung Fu moves later on at home.



5 thoughts on “Five for Friday

  1. Love the Kung Fu moves! 🙂 and the shoes!!! The Disney trip should be awesome for the big brother!!! Can’t wait to hear about it in a few weeks!

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