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He Has Ideas…So Many Ideas in That Head of His

Max’s latest idea:


“It’s so the pillow won’t get wet,” he told us.  He hates to dry his hair with a towel (because it makes his hair spiky and not flat, the way he likes it).

Max and his ideas.  This one was pretty funny but sometimes his ideas get him into trouble.

This morning I ran downstairs to pull out clothes from the dryer and heard the welcome sound of music from the DVD and nothing else.  No little voice whining from the kitchen because she missed me or big boy calls beckoning my presence for whatever reason.  Max was perfectly capable to keep an eye on his little sister while they ate breakfast and watched TV.  Or so I thought.

How long does it take to fold an entire basket of clothes?  Usually it takes me all day, but this morning it took me about 5 minutes.

Now, let me ask you.  How long does it take for Max to get an idea in his head and just go for it, without hesitation?  And how long does it take to wrap a patch of your baby sister’s hair from the back of her crown around and around a comb, just to see what would happen?  Would the comb really get stuck?   Would Mommy think that was as funny as he did?

The answer is, about point 2 seconds for the idea and about 5 minutes for the execution.  And, YES.  The comb would really get stuck.  And, no, poor Mommy would not think it was funny and she would lecture non-stop and make the one responsible for executing bad ideas stand right next to her and witness the pitiful cries of helpless, abused Baby Sister in order to teach a lesson (after appropriate discipline) because that’s all Mommy could think to do at the moment.

Except, Baby Sister never cried.  Not once.  I don’t know how she tolerated it (maybe because Max said he prayed six times!) but she was just happy as can be and content to be watching Baby Einstein.  La la la.  Still!  Not a single tear to prove my point??

But Mommy would cry as she had to give up and reach in the cabinet for the scissors.

Not a good idea, Max.

Thankfully, you can’t even see where the missing chunk of hair was taken.  Ya might be able to tell in a few weeks, though.



2 thoughts on “He Has Ideas…So Many Ideas in That Head of His

  1. Oh jeez… well if it makes you feel any better, I got gum stuck in my hair once and my Mother had to cut it out… tramatizing(sp?) events lemme just tell ya!

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