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Trick or Treating was quick and fast this year at our house due to the rain.  We started the big weekend off at Pops and Nana’s house and got dressed in costumes before we left on Saturday to make it home before dark.  Max was totally psyched to be a Special Forces Officer and put on all the gear and gadgets.


Mini, well, was less enthusiastic about dressing up.  When she got sight of me holding the ladybug costume she ran away from me!  But Mommy knows the power of the Dum-Dum lollipop!  Mini is weak to the “pop-pop” and she was nicely distracted while I got her dressed.  Except it became a certainty that she was NOT wearing tights or shoes.


And, while the wings got attached without too much fuss, they didn’t stay on for long.



We made it home for a quick walk around the neighborhood in the drizzly rain and Mini put on a cute pair of sparkly silver shoes for the outing.  She loved every minute of saying hi (or “hell-wo”) to all the neighbors and getting lots of chocolate (chocky) in her bucket.

Speaking of buckets, I forgot to tell you that the cleaning crew left Halloween treats, coloring books, crayons, and toys for my kids on the kitchen table.  How thoughtful was that?

Trick or treating ended early for us.  Surprisingly Max was out of his costume and onto the next thing for the night – pizza and watching Kung Fu Panda with Dad.  We only saw about 20 visitors and heard the last doorbell ring at 8:30.  I guess the rain dampened the Halloween mood around here a bit but it was still a fun night for us!


4 thoughts on “Halloween

  1. Love that last picture. It’s like a Special Forces agent rescued a ladybug who had lost her wings. Sweet!

    Sorry for the dreary rain, but glad y’all got to T&T a little and have a fun night at home.

  2. Errr! Cutie-pies! 😀 The weather was SO nice here for Halloween. We didnt hand out candy though… due to the recent “piglets” oinking in my house latley, we decided it best not to pass our germys out. lol But glad you got to do some trick-or-treating… my 20 yr old Jesse, and 20 yr old best friend Tyler were bummed we didnt go… and they blame it on me! Rude! lol

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