Again. Again. AGAIN.

So I scratched my eyeball again.  Can you believe that?  Twice in the same month?

I’m sure it has to do with the smoke lingering above my head at night.  And possibly the harsh cleaning chemicals that wiped it away.

The cleaners were here for five days.  They said it would take 2-3 days.  Every day I got the kids ready in record speed so that we could get out of their way.  They brought ladders, machines, buckets, and gallons of solution, not to mention their strong ciggy smell on their breath and clothes, plus a talkative (but nice) gal in charge.  We had to get out and stay out.  It was stressful.  Every morning my eyes were giving me fits.

On the upside, my house has never been cleaner.  On the downside, my eyes did not know what to do with a clean house.

The scratch happened yesterday.  I went to the doctor today and, by chance by answered prayer, got in to see one of the corneal specialists.  This was the 5th doctor I’ve seen.  It’s getting so confusing following the different recommendations of every doctor when nothing is working, and I let him know my frustration.  I was more blunt than my usual passive, agreeable self (another answer to prayer).

We had a good conversation and I really liked him.  He seems to have expertise but admitted that it’s a frustrating diagnosis to treat (recurrent corneal erosion) and there’s no magic bullet.

He recommended inserting punctal plugs into my tear ducts today – a 5 minute procedure that he would do then and there.  The last doctor I saw said this was a “possible” thing we could try 4-6 months down the road.  See?  Confusing.

I went ahead and had the plugs inserted.  It was an easy procedure and I’m hopeful about the benefits.  The plugs keep my own tears from draining or evaporating, therefore keeping my cornea nice and un-sticky.  But he thinks I have a corneal defect rather than just a severe case of dry eye.  He saw three small scratches, two in the right eye and one in the left.

Tonight, I feel great.  This is the fastest I’ve ever bounced back.  I’ll go back in a couple of weeks to talk about the next possible step, which is the needle procedure.  Yikes.  The first doctor told me about that so it didn’t come as a surprise.  But I don’t want that.

Meanwhile, I need to use preservative-free artificial tear drops every 1-2 hours and Muro 128 ointment at night and once during the day.  This stuff isn’t cheap, either.

But at least now I have some hope.

P.S.  Thank you, thank you, thank you for the paint advice.  I can’t wait to show pictures.  I have no idea when the job will be done — I’m waiting to hear back whether or not they can do it while we are out of town.


6 thoughts on “Again. Again. AGAIN.

  1. OMG! What does the needle procedure entail?? Whatever it is, it is probably worth it to fix the eye. So sorry about all the trouble!!!! Praying for some REAL answers!

  2. I know recurrent corneal erosion well. I get it sice I’m a child. Erosions happen more or less once a year and every time it’s very painful. Obviously I spoke to many many doctors. I even did some laser operation on one eye.

    There is no evident solution. The treatment depends on the doctor. That means everybody says something else. My favorite answer actually was the super cornea specialist (150$ for 15mins of talking) who said that I have to figure out myself what’s the best solution :D.

    My main solutions are putting an ointment in the eye and drinking lot’s of water before going to bed. Then I have to be alert when I sleep few, eat irregularly, in july when the summer starts and in winter when heating of the flat starts.

    Well I’m glad if I can exchange experiences about rce.

  3. So sorry about your eye. Again. I hope that this Dr.’s ideas will be helpful!!

    I’m sure this has been suggested, but are you getting enough water and natural, healthy fats (in moderation of course :)? Did fish oil or flax help? My eye Dr. once recommended warm compresses to keep the tear ducts open, but now that you have those shunt things…

    Anyway. I hope your new treatment works!!

    That’s so cool about the entire house being cleaned. I can’t say I’ve experienced that. 🙂

  4. Needles…eyes…yikes! I have NO idea what that is all about, but ACK! I’m simultaneously intrigued and appalled! So do tell…oh, don’t…but do…

    I am really sorry that you have another scratch though!

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