Update 2

The phone rang at 7:25 this morning and it was the fire restoration company.  They asked if today would be a good day to send the cleaning crew and they could be here at 8 a.m.

Well, that got me up in a hurry!  I quickly took a shower and got the kids ready and when the crew arrived to clean my house top to bottom, we left for Krispy Kreme.  I can’t say I’m enjoying this as much as you’d think, but Krispy Kreme does help.

Plus, since we don’t have donuts too often, I love watching my kids eat ’em.  They both have a unique style.




The cleaning crew was here until the afternoon and they only got the basement completed.  They cleaned everything – every last Lego – and they worked hard!  Tomorrow they’ll do the main floor and the next day the upstairs.  Then our ducts will be cleaned and I suppose painting will happen soon after that.  So I have a few more days to fret over wall colors.

new oven

The new oven came today and I love it!  I sent back the over-the-range microwave because we didn’t have the right electrical outlet.  Oh brother.  For a lot of reasons we decided just to forget this upgrade, get our money back, and go with a plain ol’ hood.  We can always purchase and install a microwave later.  But after finding out how low it would be over the stove, I kinda like the idea of not having something in my face when I’m cooking, so maybe not.

Okay, I’m sorry; I have to bug you.  What color paint would you choose in this kitchen?  I’m listening.  Would somebody hold my hand?  I know this should be fun but it’s driving me crazy.



16 thoughts on “Update 2

  1. honestly I would go with a buttery light/pale yellow. Ralph Lauren has a color called Riesling that is lovely. I also think this would have the added benefit of A) always looking clean and B) helping to restore kitchen spirits in light of recent events… (plus it would go grate with your range and cabinets)

  2. I kinda enjoy crazy colors…I would take a good look at your throw rug (I think I have the same rug in 3 diff places in my house!) and pick a color from that. Don’t be afraid to step out on a limb on make it fun….maybe do the walls in the actual cooking part one color, then the dining area another color…maybe 2 shades of the same color?? Just throwing it out there. Like I said….me likey crazy paint colors 😉 AND remember, it’s paint!!! You can paint over it if you absolutely, 100% loahte it, but hopefully that won’t be the case! ENJOY!!

  3. Were you thinking of making the kitchen and breakfast room the same? Good, since they open into each other. Of course that’s just my opinion. 🙂

    For us, the best decision we made was painting out kitchen and morning room red–but I know red is not for everyone, but it’s really warm and friendly–to me.

    My next suggestion would be a warm yellow. That seems perfect for a kitchen and eating area, and you can still use blues, greens, etc.

    What colors are you drawn too? What makes you happy? Go with that.

  4. I would choose one of the warm pumpkin colors in your throw rug. I recently did this in my own kitchen, (Spiced Cider from Sherwin Williams)which was a huge departure from my usual tan/ beige and I really love it. It is warm and not too dark and seems to work for all seasons. I also think a color like this will go beautifully with your cabinets and flooring, giving your kitchen a really custom look. Bottom line, be true to yourself. If you are aren’t a bold person with color, don’t go there. But … if you are willing to step out of your color box just a bit, now is the time to choose something a little more daring. In our last house, I had a green kitchen. All of our kitchen things were still in boxes when we remodeled this kitchen, so I really had no idea what I even had. (I didn’t unpack the kitchen until it was remodeled. We used silverware ala Chick-fil-A for the longest time!) I was so pleasantly surprised when all of the things I had bought/collected for my old green kitchen still worked in this new spiced cider kitchen. This is going to be great – you’ll see!

  5. Every time I have ever picked a wall color, when I got it up on the wall, it never looked like I thought and I didn’t like it.

    So, what I would do is invest in a decorators’ time for an hour to help pick the colors. Here there are decorators that specialize in that. It would probably only take one room being right instead of wrong to pay for itself.

    I keep saying I’m going to do that for myself when I get the clutter in my house under control. That never seems to happen…. 😉

  6. You already know I’m boring, boring, boring…but I would paint the kitchen the same color as the rest of that level of the house (didn’t you pick Biltmore Buff?), because your kitchen really open to the rest of the house. If it were my place, I would want it all to blend, and I would add colors in other ways – like that great rug you have. But again, you know I am so very dull and boring when it comes to colors.

  7. Ever since I attempted to paint our living room some hideous color I am banned from making these types of decisions. So let me ask Pat…

    He said he would paid it the burgundy red that’s in your rug. And then do a light colored back splash.

    And Krispy Kreme counts as a field trip for school right??!! 🙂

  8. We used Whole Wheat by SHerwin Williams for the entire house (besides the the bedrooms) and LOVE The versatility it gives us to use colors as we please. I even hired a decorator to tell me that. IT is fairly neutral but so very flexible. `It has a small hint of gold in it and looks great with our wood floors. Just my experience………I can show pictures. 🙂

  9. love the new stove!
    i haven’t been reading a while and it’s good to catch up again. the last time we painted was when we came back from a once in a lifetime trip to jamaica. it was an incredible trip in so many ways and our paint colors were influenced by it. all greens and blues of the caribbean ocean. the color we got the most compliments on and one that we enjoyed the most was “Sunrise” #829 of Benjamin Moore. I really wasn’t sure about it until it went up. With a bright white trim it was great.
    I’ve seen people buy a pint of paint (not cheap but still cheaper than the whole thing) and paint a bit of wall to check it out. a great way to go.
    have fun. God sure has provided for you and it’s fun to see how you chose to stay put and how you’ve been blessed with some updating opportunities. happy for you!

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