State of Relativity


Looked in my rear view mirror as I drove up the street out of our neighborhood.  10 years we’ve lived here.  A lot of memories.  I love Maryland, especially in Fall.


Mini noticed this before I did.  “Goggie! Goggie!”  I couldn’t stop laughing.


On our way to the country for our annual youth group hayride and campfire.  The colors take my breath away.  Life is good.


Walked over with Mini and Bunny to see the horses.


“COW! COW!” she insisted.

Well, sure.  In Maryland, doggies drive SUVs, horses are cows, and the colorful trees make you forget the high cost of living and traffic jams.  Sounds like a perfect state to me.


6 thoughts on “State of Relativity

  1. She got so frustrated when I would tell her it was a horse haha. She would point to the other horses and tell me they were horses that say neigh, and then she’d point to the “cow” and insist it was a cow. She’s hilarious 🙂

  2. Those fall colors are the reason I want to move to the eastern part of the country. Here in North Texas all we are getting is constant dreary rainy days! Our leaves are just falling off the trees as green as always…they are basically being ripped off the trees due to excessive amounts of rain!

    Maryland must be a great place for kids to live, cuz their doggies drive them places and the cows and horses are interchangeable!

    Thanks for the pictures of what a true fall looks like!

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