Preparing for Halloween

Due to the unforeseen events of Sunday, Sunday, Sunday, we did very little school this week.  We went to the co-op on Monday so that counts but the only things we did otherwise were read and update our Football scores graph.  By the way, just to share something about Max you may not have known, even though our Redskins are making us cry, there was much excitement over the Packers’ and Patriots’ games when we read the scores online.  Max gets very animated and wild when he sees a shut-out.  I had no need for caffeine to wake me up that morning.

So, during a slow school week, Max is free to, um, be creative.  After hearing, “seriously, Mom, we need some Halloween decorations,” I found him with a piece of card stock, a roll of Scotch tape, and a pen.  Be still my heart.  Then he asked me how to spell the words “skeleton” and “buried.”

Ooooh, sounds like he’s writing something spooky.


And he insisted on the perfect place to put it.


Now that’s just grave, isn’t it?  Hee.


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