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Happy (High Five?!)

Today Mini is 20 months old.  I’ve started telling people she’s “almost 2” and in truth, she is very much two.

See for yourself.

IMG_8900Making herself a nice little nook for puzzles, books, and Bunny.

IMG_8924Moving on from bite-size and mushy carrots

IMG_8902Twirling in the kitchen

Here’s a video I took afterwards because she was being cute and sassy…it should’ve been edited but who has time for that?  It makes me laugh.  Be warned, it’s very orange.  But I think orange is the theme for this post.


11 thoughts on “Happy (High Five?!)

  1. She’s so cute! What an amazing journey to have been witness to. I’m finding my own mommy heart aching a little more, every day, to add to our family. I’m trying to be content and grateful but it’s growing harder… Any words of wisdom?

    Oh yeah, and is she sitting in a Veggie Tales boat? She’s so adorable!

  2. Something tells me she’s the boss, applesauce!

    What a cute video. I know I need to take more of my kiddos. So cute. And strangely fun for me to put a voice with your writing. I love your blog and kinda feel like I know you…although we’ve never met. Haha.

    thanks for sharing…and Happy Halloween!

  3. Mini is so precious! I love how she demands that your hand be a certain way so that she can high-5 it! LOL. 🙂 I can’t believe she’s 20 months already!

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