This is Max (in the green shirt) and some friends inviting neighbors around the church to Awana.  He was so excited about telling someone how much fun he has on Wednesday nights that he immediately went to our neighbor’s house when we got home and invited their daughter.

Max ran to me with a huge smile and said, “Well.  She’s IN!”



The kids hanging out with Daddy in his office.  I said I needed a picture for prosterity.  Mike chuckled and said “prosterity?” “Yeah, prosterity,” I replied and chuckled back realizing my mistake.  This is how we amuse ourselves sometimes.



This is Mini at our picnic today.  I’m pretty sure she’s snapping for someone to bring her a chip.  “Chippy,” is what she calls them.


5 thoughts on “Sunday

  1. That Kid used to snap — before he could even walk, then one day he “couldn’t”. Years later we taught him how to snap again. But whenever he did snap as a baby everyone was amazed at how well he did it…and he always did it when he wanted something!!

    Nice picture in the office — and get this, it took me reading it 4 times before I noticed your mistake!! The first 3 times I thought, “huh what’s wrong with that?” I’m even slower than you!!

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