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Both Eyes Open

Thank you for your comments the other day, I’m feeling so much better now.  I actually felt the cornea scratch while I was driving…so scary.  I felt God’s protection from the moment I felt it and my body reacted (like a shock that lasted a second or two).  I was able to make a quick turn right onto a less busy street and somehow, not being able to open my right eye at all and hardly able to open the left more than a little bit, I didn’t have to share the road with any other cars.  I prayed OH GOD (really, it was a prayer!) and made my way to a neighborhood street that had two intersecting signs.

I called our friends (where Max was playing) and was able to read the cross streets so Tom would know where to find me because I had no idea.  He knew exactly where I was and he and Holly brought me home.  Thank you, Tom and Holly, for the quick exodus of all your kids, plus mine, who I’m sure didn’t want to leave the Wii, in order to get me home as soon as possible!

So this is where I am with this whole eye thing:  I know I have dry eye syndrome but can’t seem to find the right combination of ointments and eye drops to use.  Have you seen the eye care aisle at your neighborhood drug store lately?  There are millions of products for dry eye.   Okay, tens.  But still.

I am frustrated with my current ophthalmologist (thanks, Spell Check).  I’ve seen three different physicians who have done thorough exams but they only treat the scratch, not really engage in a discussion about preventative care.  Plus, how comfortable is it to talk in a dark room with someone sitting a foot away from you looking into an intimidating scope machine at your EYE?  The words, they were few.

But four scratches in 6 months tells me I need a new plan.  Plus they were far away, too.  So I got a referral to see the eye doctor that has the fancy commercials on the radio which is closer to my home.  This is the place where my family doctor told me to go.  The problem is, this office with the fancy commercials has a lot of patients so they are booked until late October.  I made an appointment anyway.  The good news is, since I will be going for an appt when I’m not in CRAZY PAIN every time my eyes blink or spontaneously look in any other direction other than straight down, I think I’ll be a better communicator and listener this time.  I’m going to come prepared with a list of what hasn’t worked but I’m hopeful that there’s a better treatment option out there for me.

Oh, please forgive me for going on and on.  I’m so over myself this year with all the non-serious issues I’ve had and blogged about.  But the truth is, I’m thankful that this blog exists and for all of you who have left comments and encouraged and prayed for me.

And, you know what?  I’m fine now – thank God for how he made the cells in the eye heal incredibly fast.  I was in bed Saturday, Sunday, and halfway to a recovery on Monday.  And you know what else?  Life was smooth.  People called, Mike took over (and we had a pristine kitchen until Tuesday, it was wonderful!), my mom babysat, and my homeschool co-op class was taught by my friend Faith.  Do you want to know what the lesson I had prepared for the Five Senses class was?  Yep, The Eye.  Heh.

And you know what else?  Taking Vicodin and sleeping from 7:30 p.m. to 10:30 a.m. isn’t soooo bad.  I did have some weird dreams, though:  Beth Moore shaved her head for a cause and was driving me around in my minivan before the public saw her for the first time.

What does that mean?


6 thoughts on “Both Eyes Open

  1. LOL!! It would have to be a REALLY good cause to get Beth Moore to shave her head, I think!! No clue on the meaning of that one!!

    Glad you are trying a new doctor. It sounds so painful, and really scary that it could just happen at any time. Praying Radio Doc will be helpful.

  2. I think what that means is you need to stay away from the vicodin unless you are in extreme pain!! lol! So glad you are feeling better and that you got a nice long sleep!! Take care of those eyes…can’t wait to hear what the new eye doctor says. It sounds like you have a wonderful support system of family and friends.

  3. mmmm…Vicodin dreams, I know them well. I am so sorry about your eye- I can’t even imagine!!!! I really hope this doctor can give you a cure! Keep blogging, I like reading anything you write about, including eye dramas. (At least you didn’t burn your foot on a George Foreman Grill like Michael Scott 🙂

  4. your vicodin sentence cracked me up! I am so glad it’s better, at any rate. Maybe these aren’t super serious issues but my goodness you deserve a respite.

  5. Glad to hear that your eye is better and that you haven’t lost your sense of humor. ANY issue that you have while being mother to small children is a BIG issue. That’s my professional opinion anyway!

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