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I’m undertaking a huge project of ordering photos right now.  Remember these in my kitchen?


Well, I’m four months behind in updating those.  The frames in and of themselves are a conversation piece when people come over, but the fact that I’m way behind is an even better one.  I’m not alone in my procrastination, that’s what I’m finding out.  I’m in good company, at least.

Also, speaking of being behind on photos, Max asked if we could sit down and look through his two scrapbooks.   I’m glad I did those back when I had more time.

I really want to make at least one for Mini.  By Christmas.  I can do that, right?


On another note, but kind of related: above is a picture of Max looking through our adoption profile book that I made in 2002.  One day this week he asked me while we were eating lunch, “How was I adopted?”  He’s been known to throw out questions like this at random times but I love how they are evolving as he’s getting older.  Even though he was 5 when Mini was adopted, he is making new connections between her story and his, i.e. the adoption agency, waiting to be chosen, etc.

Once again, thank you Lord for everything.  We are so humbled that you made our little family in this way.

Anyway, so I’m focused on ordering photos on this rainy Saturday because Shutterfly is offering free shipping until 9/30.  Deadlines are good for me and I’ll do just about anything for free shipping.  I’m seriously scaling down the number of photos I would usually order but maybe with a smaller stack I’ll actually put them in an album.  I’ll let you know how it goes.


3 thoughts on “Pictures

  1. I love scrapbooking – well, I used to before I had 2 kids! 🙂 I had some sort of addiction….I have 4 LARGE scrapbooks full of Kloe’s pictures just up to her 1st birthday!! Yes, I know, it was a sickness. And now? Jacob has….ummmm…..none. Nope, not one. He used to look at all of Kloe’s albums and ask, “Is that me?” No, bud, that’s sister. “Is that one me?” No, that’s her too.

    How horrible is that? He’s 6 1/2! I just absolutely cannot find time to do it anymore. That is his most favorite thing about my now having a blog – there are pictures of him! 🙂
    My work schedule has changed a little now, so I’m truly hoping I can get back at it sometime this school year.

    Thanks for your comment on my blog a few days ago….it’s fun getting to know you too. 🙂 Good luck with Mini’s scrapbook!

  2. Just another project/ idea to bug you with, but Winkflash has their up to 100 page photo books on sale for $20. They are a GREAT deal. We have a couple of them! 🙂 And they make a good Christmas present. Yay for pictures!!! I love the frames in your kitchen…they are SO cool.

  3. I wish I could get focused on scrapbooking all my boxes and boxes of sentimental pictures and goodies that I have in the garage. We are starting to downsize and I know that is an area my hubby is REALLY wishing I would downsize!

    I love that Max is really asking questions. Most kids would just take it in stride and then when he’s a teenager bombard you with questions!

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