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Tired.  I’m so tired.  This week has been a big adjustment with all the activities and late nights at The Office and what not.  Mini is totally spoiling me by sleeping in until 8:00 but I’m still not up and at ’em like I promised myself I would be this school year.  Then she’s falling asleep three hours later after I put her in the crib for some “room time” with books and music.  This is super awesome for school – I’m not interrupted and Max can focus a smidgen more – but when she’s up at 1:00 for the rest of the day, it’s hard.  Just a long, long afternoon.

So we’ve been stepping out and breaking up the day as much as possible.  It’s good to be outside at the park or take a walk or run to the grocery store.  But by the time we get back home it’s time for the evening activity drill and I haven’t sat down since I got out of bed.

Mike and Max have started taking Kung-Fu classes twice a week.  Team sports don’t hold much interest for Max, unless you count running through the goal and getting all tangled up in the netting interesting.   So we thought we’d try marital arts ….wait.

I meant to type martial arts.

I’m laughing so hard right now.

Anyway…we are trying marTIAL arts for its independent, coordination-building, self-control approach.   And while we were exploring the different styles and schools, Mike began dreaming of earning his own black belt and tight core and ripped quad muscles (or was that me?) so he wanted to take a class too.

Mike takes Max to his class while he works out on those quads in the weight room and I pick up Max after his class before Mike’s class begins.  That was a horribly written sentence but it’s the best I can do right now in my out-of-shape tiredness.

I’ll write more about Kung-Fu later but know that there are a wealth of stories being saved somewhere in my brain to share with you.  For starters, it took Max two weeks to correctly name it Kung-Fu instead of Kung-Poo.

I’ve been waiting to tell you, anyway, until he gets his uniform and white sash so I can take a picture.  Darn it, though, I wish I brought my camera last night because he broke his first board in class.  His instructor is excellent and knows – really knows – kids like Max.  So what if he can’t do a jumping jack without leaping to the other side of the room and crashing onto the floor mats?  That’s just a fun challenge in teaching self-control!  But he CAN focus and kick a board in two pieces right down the middle.  So the rest will come.

And that is why we are willing to shell out the cash and that is why we are so willing to take on the busy shuttling back and forth of life right now.  But it still makes me tired.


One thought on “Adjusting

  1. Max will LOVE Kung-Fu!! TOK LOVES karate!! He is now a green belt and is real close to becoming a Blue Belt! We signed him up to develop discipline and develop a sense of independence. It has worked wonderfully! The jumping jacks still need some work but he has improved dramatically! Can’t wait to hear more about your KungFu experiences!

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