700th Post

In celebration of 700, I’m pulling out an oldie today from 2007.  Randomly I pulled up this post in my archives and it made me laugh.  On our most recent trip we listened to tech podcasts almost the entire way while the kids watched DVDs in the back.  Mike has converted me (and you can bet he’s snickering).

Mike and I live on totally different planets when it comes to our choice of radio entertainment while driving in the car. I definitely prefer music to talk radio. And he prefers talk radio, and more recently, Podcasts to music. Well, most of the time. Some who know him might be surprised to hear that about Mike just because he’s a musician and was in a band and rocked many a house back in the day. But, now that he’s becoming more mature he likes to sit back and relax to NPR and Podcasts.

Among his favorite Podcasters are Ravi Zacharias and Leo Laporte. Ravi? I can handle his Podcasts because he’s a preacher and an apologeticist (defender of Christianity) and even though his IQ is through the roof and he uses all these big werds an’ stuff, I really like him. But this guy Leo Laporte? While pretty entertaining when the exercise ball he was sitting on while on the air exploded, yes EXPLODED, as he was talking on the microphone, I find the content of his Podcasts so b-o-r-i-n-g. It’s all this techy nonsense. And while my husband immensely enjoys this topic, I for one, don’t.

Of course, Mike puts me through the torture of listening to it anyway.

Because he loves that.

So tonight, while we were driving home, Mike fiddled with his iPod and started one of these techy programs. And I did my usual huffing and Mike did his usual snickering.

Because that’s the way we show our love.

Anyway, five minutes into the podcast my little ears perked up. They were talking about mommy blogs. And throughout the segment I nodded my head several times.

Because I’m so well versed in this blog thing by now. I’ve been doing it for 3 months, for goodness sake.

After the Podcast ended I turned to Mike and I asked intelligent, educated questions about technology.

Is this blog life changing or what?


7 thoughts on “700th Post

  1. ha ha… i LOVE this post…

    It is life changing! But please do tell us if you’re ever posting while on an exploding balance ball because we won’t get the shock of hearing it…

  2. “And I did my usual huffing and Mike did his usual snickering.
    Because that’s the way we show our love.”

    Reminds me of when you guys were dating – but it always escalated to actual bickering back then!

  3. Wow, 700 posts! I haven’t read all of them, but I have enjoyed every one I have read. It’s fun to get reacquainted with you again.

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