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The King is Balloonophobic

I told Max he could be king for a day and plan the Birthday Menu so he ordered me to take him to Dunkin Donuts for breakfast, serve green Jell-o for (with) lunch, and cake for (next to) dinner.

He also ordered me to take the day off since he was going to be too busy for school today.

Lego building.

I understand.  Do what you have to do.  The kingdom needs you.

Last night, after Max finally fell asleep, I snuck into his room and put a bunch of balloons on his floor.  I thought how cool would it be to wake up to a floor filled with assorted balloons on your birthday?  It’s like waking up to a party.

This morning I woke up to Max totally creeped out by all the balloons.

Creeped-out Max:  “Mom! Why are there balloons in my room?”

Out of Air Mom:  “Because it’s your birthday!  Happy Birthday!”

C-O Max:  “I know.  But why are there balloons in my room?”

I guess he didn’t appreciate them.  And to think I wasted all that good air.

He was singing the praises of the Jell-o, though.



11 thoughts on “The King is Balloonophobic

  1. Happy (Belated) Birthday King Max! 🙂 I think waking up to balloons and Happy Birthday banners on one’s birthday is a fabulous thing! I did it for the first time this year with my 5 year old! Too bad your king is a balloonophobic. hahahaha.

  2. Man, I wish I could wake up with balloons all over my floor for MY birthday! Will you fly out for my 19th and serve me green jello too!? 🙂

  3. I’ve done that every year for the kids and while he may not have loved it this year, I guarantee that if you don’t do it next year he’ll ask why!

    Happy Birthday Max!!

  4. My little guy thinks he is “king of the house” everyday! I don’t know that I would let him have that kind of power on his birthday…it might go to his head!!

    Hope he had a great birthday…even though birthday balloons weren’t his “thing”. I bet if those balloons had legos all over them he would have LOVED them!!

  5. I think the balloon idea is pretty cool, sorry it wasn’t quite his thing. The rest of the celebrating sounds perfect!

    Happy 7th Max!!

    Oh–you have mad block letter skillz by the way. 🙂

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