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It Hurts Too Much To Type

Our jr. high group went on a 4 mile hike today and I’m four kinds of sore.  When I say hike I don’t mean we just followed a gravel path through some woods, stopped to admire this and some of that, sang some songs, and head home.  I mean we climbed rocks; lots of big, gigantic rocks.

I’m not so much a fan of the rock climbing.

We hiked the Billy Goat Trail in Great Falls, MD (very close to DC).  It’s considered a “moderate” hike according to my 1-minute Google research but just five days ago a woman fell off the rocks and had to be rescued by helicopter so the word moderate is up for debate.

Personally, it was torture.  I survived it without any broken bones, sprained joints, or falling into the Potomac River to my death.  Though I pictured each scenario once or twice.

I had to make a decision, though, to let go of my fears.  I laughed at my uncoordinated self, stayed in the back to encourage one of our girls, watched the feet in front of me for guidance, and carried on to the end.  Although seriously outside my comfort zone, I also thought about how much I loved being there with our group.

Tonight my comfort zone is on the couch, however.  Watching Psych and eating a bowl of Edy’s cookie dough ice-cream with Mike.


6 thoughts on “It Hurts Too Much To Type

  1. Funny Anna should mention that journey as I was reliving the whole thing while reading this post! Joe’s brother (who is quite the outdoorsmen/camper/hiker/traveler/Boy Scout Leader, blah, blah, blah) and his wife went camping with us. We were climbing what seemed like a mountain because he took a wrong turn. I, too, carried up the rear with a beat red face and finally told the group that if I fell, just let me go and they could pick me up at the bottom.

    I totally understand your word, “torture”! 🙂

  2. I’ll say as an eye witness that Anna did awesome. She didn’t complain(out loud), or ask for help. She was definitely a trooper. The good news is that she’s getting old so she’ll probably forget how hard it was and go again next year!
    (just kidding about getting old since I got you by 7 years)

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