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New for the Season: Handmade Cuteness


Our model is wearing an authentic Aunt Jen Design original for those windy days of Fall when you just can’t do with a messy ‘do’ and an adorable customized Etsy one-of-a-kind in white cotton and denim.


It’s the perfect outfit for a lunch date.  Go ahead and call your girlfriends and make those plans; you don’t want to let the cute and fabulous stay home today.



This tweet outfit, nicely paired with the perfect shoe, will last longer than other name-brand pieces in your wardrobe with the oh-so-cute lengthened rickrack and polka dot hemline.

Especially when you have short little leggies for your age.

Do you have short leggies too?

Our model will now demonstrate how to find the perfect shoe to lengthen the silhouette so you can walk on with your fresh and funky self with long and lean confidence.


She looks in the basket.  What will she choose?  A boot with a heel, perhaps?  Divine!


She pulls out and disregards the obvious loser: white sandals.  It is after Labor Day, you know.


Wha?  Wha? What does the model think she is doing?  She is not putting on that hideous shoe. People, do something!


Faux pas!


I have no words.

(yes I do…thank you to Aunt Jen for this super cute knitted hat and to Aunt Amy for having the outfit made especially for Mini.)

I don’t know if Aunt Jen is taking special orders, but I’m trying to convince her to open her own Etsy shop in the future.  She just started knitting in July.  As in two months ago, July. She made this one for Mini, too.


(Mini was in a bit of a modeling funk that day)

The outfit came from I Love Plum on Etsy.  Check out her cute line of custom-made clothing, they are so fun.


9 thoughts on “New for the Season: Handmade Cuteness

  1. your play-by-play was hystreical! That girls is a trend setter, not follower. She knows she can pull off white after Labor Day!
    I must go and see what I spend money on for the Diva’s. I’ll let Love know who gave me the idea…

  2. Jim, tell me what color you’d like, and I would happily make you a dude beenie!! Anna will tell you, I was working on one at the beach.

  3. Yes, yes, what a FABULOUS model she is! It’s in the blood! 😉 And I DO know of somebody with short little leggies too! She just happens to be the fastest runner on her JV softball team! 😉

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