Some Pictures and Then Some More PIctures


The place where we stayed was incredibly beautiful and serene.  We were in close walking distance to the beach and a pool.  We went to the beach in the morning, came back for lunch, then Mike stayed behind in the room with M & M for a nap and Nickelodeon and The Disney Channel.  (Mike said he was watching seminary videos and studying…we all know he was watching HSM3.)

Meanwhile, I flip-flopped down to the beach kid-free for an hour.  Blissful, let me tell you.

Then I came back and hung out with Mike and, depending on what important events were on the schedule, we figured out how to spend the rest of the afternoon.






We went to the pool a few times but if Mini had to make a choice between the pool and the beach, I know what she’d choose every time.  We’ll just follow her and Bunny back to the beach.


And then we’ll get a kick out of how she wants to do whatever her big brother is doing.


One day he was out there riding some big waves with Dad.  And feeling pretty good about it, too.



Mini must have known what a thrill this was for Max.  She couldn’t contain her joy.


She even considered giving this boogie boarding thing a shot herself.


But, then again, maybe not.  Perhaps we should wait until she’s no longer deathly afraid of the water when it’s deeper than her ankles.

So, she had a perfectly fun time running around the shoreline.


Oh yes.  That bikini.  Isn’t it ADORABLE?


Oh, this girl – she is too cute for words.


P.S.  Detective Max has been blogging this week and he wrote about the Haunted Hotel at the beach.  Want to make his day?  Leave a comment!


7 thoughts on “Some Pictures and Then Some More PIctures

  1. Oh, I could eat them both! They are just too yummy for words – all that excitment and that bikini…much better than Nina’s wool one! Yikes! But that post had me LOL a number of times – really funny stuff, Anna!

    So jealous…I think I need a beach vacation right NOW!

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