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I Think He’s Prepared


Wish I was ready for this vacation.  I mean, I’m ready and excited for it but not at all prepared.  I have been in full-fledged lazy mode the past few days.  We’ve had our cars in for routine maintenance so I haven’t had a car to run errands and get all that I need for our trip.  Luckily Max is making me laugh with his snorkeling gear for the beach.  He eases my stress and puts a smile on my face with his quirkiness and backwards shirts.

But I do have quite a bit to do…so I better get off this computer.  I’m just waiting for Mini to wake up from her nap so that we can blaze a trail to the Walmarts.  Got plenty of crackers in the bag.

Before I go, I wanted to share the latest portraits I just got back of M & M.


Mini was not in the mood to take pictures with Max and she kept getting up and leaving the room.  This is the only one that turned out halfway decent but I only ordered one sheet to remember how Max has a grip on her leg but such a “I’m not doing anything” smile on his face.  True to life!

The ones of Max turned out really good.  He’s such a ham in front of the camera.


The background doesn’t look as good on here as it does in real life.  I don’t even want to admit how long I took to decide what he was going to wear to coordinate with Mini’s dress.  This stresses me out so much.  As much as I love to take pictures, I hate Portrait Day with every fiber in me.

Mini’s pictures turned out pretty nice, too.  I didn’t order a big package but decided last-minute that this was for our Christmas cards.  Did you catch that, blog friends?  I’m actually ahead of the game this year!  It’s funny how things change with your second child.  With Max, I would’ve been like “oh no, I’ll have to get his picture taken at the beginning of December because he’ll look so different by then…toddlers change so much in 3 months.”  But now I’m all like, “heh, it’s close enough.  Mommy is not doing this again for a while.”


Isn’t she gorgeous?  It’s okay, I can say that right?  I love barefoot pictures.


Regretfully, I didn’t order any of these because she wasn’t smiling and she has a cracker crumb on her face. But really, it captures her look right now.  Bangs in the eyes and all.  Oh, the growing out the bangs.  *sigh*

f87bf1ce-4b42-48e0-9e98-094b5ff8afe6wAnd this one!  Oh my goodness, she always has that tongue sticking out when she’s thinking about something.


The last one really shows that she’s ready for this to be over with.  I was feeling the same sentiment!  But as always, I’m glad we did it.

And I’m really glad I have our Christmas card picture already out of the way.  Hope I don’t forget where I put them come December.

Hey, I should write it down here.  I put them in the cabinet above my desk.  There.  Thanks, Blog.


11 thoughts on “I Think He’s Prepared

  1. Anna, your kids are so beautiful! Mini IS gorgeous, and yes you are allowed to say it. 🙂 I love barefoot pictures, too. Yay for you about picking out your Christmas card picture! I’m usually pacing the floor, hoping to get mine back in time to put them in the mail on Christmas Eve. I’m so not the planner.

    Have fun on vacation!

  2. Ummm…vacation?? No blog for a while? I am goign to need to make an appoinment with my therapist since I will be going through Anna blog withdrawl for a week!

    Oh my gosh how freaking cute are your kids!!!!! So jealous!

  3. OH lord… baby girl needs to STOP it right now! 😀 She’s never aloud to leave the house ever again! lol Max looks so very handsome and grown up… cant believe how much they’ve changed in just 2 months! Makes me feel old. lol

  4. I never understood, as a kid, why my parents were so uptight when it came time to take family pictures…now I know! Whew, exhausting!
    Love the pictures and how could you go wrong with kids that delicious!!

  5. Your kids are beautiful! Last year I made our kids wear “christmasy” clothes in August to get their pics made with Rosemary before she went back to school–I think they were sweating under the lights!

    But I applaud your organization, getting the Christmas pics done already–in fact, don’t your family and friends read your blog? Shouldn’t your posting the pics count as already having distributed the Christmas pics, so you don’t have to do it later?

  6. Mini is an absolutely gorgeous little girl! And Max, wow is he growing up fast. He looks so big! Hope to see you guys soon!

  7. Hey Anna,

    These pictures are precious! I haven’t read your blog in too long and feel really out of touch. I’m not sitting at my computer at home like I did all day at work. I’m still looking for a job and when I’m on my home computer, that’s what I’m doing most of the time.

    I can’t believe how big Max looks! WOW he’s growing up and SO handsome! Mini is just precious! I loved all the pictures.

    Hope you have a wonderful vacation.

    Love you

  8. Hey, weren’t you the one who told us (from “Breakthrough”) that our outfits weren’t coordinating? Good observation by the way.

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