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Work of Art


I’ve always been a little timid when it comes to toddlers and their crayons.

When I taught a MOPPETS class a couple of years ago, I met and fell in love with a little girl named Lillian.



Lillian absolutely loved art.  Like no other 2 year old I’d met before, she sat at the table and took her time with a craft.  Her attentiveness was astounding to me.  Her mommy told me she especially loved crayons.  And her art work was all over the house, if you know what I mean.  I looked forward to seeing Lillian each week (with her endearing headbands) and she became a special friend of mine, as well as her mom.  A family brand new to the area, I was glad that they plugged into our MOPS group right away.  I’d be there every week with a coloring page and craft just for Lillian.

I’ve wanted to share about this sweet artist for a long time on my blog but, sadly, the words haven’t been easy to type. Shortly after she was in my class, Lillian was diagnosed with leukemia and after several months of fighting for her life, the Lord brought her home to heaven a year ago this month.  I’ll never understand why.

I haven’t gone very long without thinking about Lillian and her family.  I don’t see them anymore because they’ve moved to Florida, but her mom will always be an amazing example of someone who stood strong even in the most tragic of circumstances.  I can’t think of anything more tragic than losing your child and my heart is truly broken for them.

I miss her.  This week as I opened a box of crayons and laid out a blank sheet of paper awaiting the creativity of my precious little girl that the Lord has given to me, I thought of my memories of Lillian.

Today these crayons do not make me feel timid.  They make me feel thankful.




9 thoughts on “Work of Art

  1. Ok, I’m crying. Thank you for sharing and reminding me to be thankful for little things, like time to color with crayons (even if it is on the pew at church this morning. Oops!).

    I’m so glad you decided to keep blogging!


  2. I’ll never look at a rainbow the same again. They are now some of Lillian’s artwork. I just held the sweetest baby in the church nursery today whose name is Lillian and she barfed on me and it didn’t even matter. Just brought back wonderful, sweet, baby memories.

    Even as old as I am, there’s nothing like a brand new box of crayons!!!

    Mini is seriously concentrating on her next “Picasso”.

  3. Oh, stink – no fair making me cry when I thought I was going to read a great post about your adorable artist! Phooey!

    Love your little girl though!

  4. I really need to stop reading your blog at work, I am tearing up so badly. I can’t even imagine what that family has had to deal with. Be encouraged that you brought joy and color to Lillian’s life while she was here!!!!

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