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All is Fair

I know I’ve already told you this, but on Monday we went to the fair.  We stocked up on some way cool swag.


What, no free sunglasses from the Urban Housing booth, Mike?

Our day at the fair pretty much went like this:  ropes course, moon bounce, golf game, milk-a-cow simulator, shameless swag collecting, visit to the art building to see the Lego entries, the infamous decorated toilet display, and FINALLY a grilled cheese sandwich.  The grilled cheese is my favorite part.  You don’t understand.  We absolutely must get a grilled cheese from The Big Cheese every single year.  It’s tradition and there are no exceptions.

Except I was the only one who got a grilled cheese.  Everyone else either ate sandwiches brought from home or had a half-dozen nuked chicken nuggets.  That’s almost heretical to all things Fair.  But I tried not to judge.  At least Mike got a cheeseburger.  It’s close.

After lunch and an effective silent treatment, we walked over to see the dairy cows and to visit a 3-day old calf.

This was one of the rare happy moments at the fair for Mini.  She was not loving the hot temps nor was she a fan of being held hostage by her stroller straps, but she was very excited to see the cows.  Here she’s doing the sign for “milk” – pretty cute, huh?



She’s a big fan of all things dairy.

And so are we because we quickly made our way to The Dairy Bar for some ice-cream.

And guess what?  A youth pastor’s dream come true.  We ran into some of our students who were volunteering behind the ice-cream counter.  In food service hair caps, too!  Oh man, this is too good to be true.  It just doesn’t get any sweeter than this.



Normally I ask permission before putting someone’s picture up on here.  But in this case I think it’s best to ask forgiveness instead.


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