A Blogger Walked into the Fair. Again.

As I get ready to download (upload? I still don’t know the difference.  Don’t tell Mike) pictures from our annual day at the county fair, I’m asking myself a question of the deep variety.

Have I had this blog too long?  Do I have anything new to write about?  Am I boring even myself with the same old-same old?

Sometimes I think I should just bag the whole thing and just put photos (yeah.  put.  that’s the way I like to say it) in an online album thingy and share them with friends and family.  Forget the whole writing thing.

Well.  I just had a little meeting with myself over this blog.  It lasted two point two minutes.  Not a lot of discussion but we came to a major decision on the future of the blog.  I’m keeping it.  It makes me happy, plain and simple.

Because I love it, I do I do.  I’m my biggest fan (narcissistic much?)  Sometimes I’m in the mood to write my heart on my sleeve (would that be a good tagline?) and sometimes I’m not.  When I started blogging I read a lot about the subject: finding your audience, your voice, and your purpose.  I had a lot to write about with the adoption and I felt like God was giving me a path here, one with a purpose for myself in addition to the added blessing of encouraging readers.

But really, my blog has changed.  I’m writing about toddlerhood and homeschooling and less about adoption.  Max is at the age where his adoption story is becoming more of a private thing, and I’m totally going to respect that.

The readers are few (that’s okay!) and I don’t give any thought to my “voice, audience, or purpose” much anymore.  I’m just here to have fun doing what I like to do:  Take pictures, share them, and write about how something made me laugh, think, or feel.  Mostly what made me laugh.  Because that’s all I can tap into these days.  I do want to improve my writing KISS style (keep it simple, stupid.  Mr. Hench, my 8th grade history teacher always told us that.) Blogging should be simple, right?  But don’t call me Stupid.

That just made me laugh.

A lot.

Sigh.  Oh, dear.  Maybe I should get out more often.

Speaking of which, here are some of my KISS writings about our latest outing.  The County Fair.  Complete with an annual showcase of the decorated toilets.

This why you come back, right?


Ha! Cash for Crappers, I love it.  Very timely.  We were all disappointed that it didn’t win First Place.  Here’s the one that nabbed the coveted blue ribbon.


Faith and I were admiring all the commodes when we overhead someone talk about the prize money.

Money, did she say?  Faith and I had no idea.  The wheels are turning (water is swirling?  no, no) in our head for a possible entry next year.  Faith and I decorating a toilet in her backyard, can you imagine?

Now, that will be fun to blog about!


13 thoughts on “A Blogger Walked into the Fair. Again.

  1. Anna: I’m so glad you are going to continue blogging! Due to time restraints, I recently had to go through all of the blogs I read and decide exactly which ones I have time to continue to read and yours made the cut. (Talk about narcassistic … hehe!)

    I understand the change in passions. After Danl came, I went to work for the lawyer who represented us during our adoption and I counseled her clients as to what to expect during the process. But … at some point, I realized that our amazing story was no longer about me … it was about my child, and until he was able or cared to share it, it was private.

    And … when one passion (adoption) fizzled, the Lord gave me another. Homeschooling! And now … with two years looming in that quest, I am now wondering what next Lord? So, until He reveals His plan, I am going to thoroughly enjoy this season as I have the ones before it, as I prepare for the next one.

    And … I consider it a tremendous privilege to be one of your readers,

  2. Anna,
    I love your blog and I am SO glad that you decided to keep going. I love hearing stories about Mini and how she is growing up. Max just kills me! 🙂 He is so funny! And I love to hear about Mike’s trips. I love all of you!!!!!!!!!


    Audrey ❤

    P.S. I adore everything YOU get involved with and the things you like to do, as well!!!

  3. I love your blog and I love keeping in touch this way. It’s great to be able to see your family even though we live so far apart. Thanks for keeping it up!

  4. how could I ever put into words how glad I am that your meeting with self presented this outcome. I love your blog… I couldn’t get through a season of any sort, in life, without it. I have derived so much from you and your beautiful (and sometimes tragic) family story…

  5. Ummm…I am pretty sure that you are aware that if you ever stopped doing this blog, I would fly to D.C., tie you to a chair, and force you to write and put pictures of your kids up, correct? Ok, just so we are clear. The blog must go on!

  6. So did anyone notice the “Please do not touch the toilets” sign behind Max? Or was it just me? lol Just me? OK then. lol Glad you’re keeping the blog. It gives me something to read. 🙂 Love you all.

    P.S. Please pray for me. Not enjoying my first week of college. AT ALL.

  7. Hi Anna, I love your blog. It is a comfort to me to notice things from home – like Mr. Hench :), the decorated toilets, and your friend, Faith. Thank you for sharing your life in such a generous way.

  8. I, too, am glad that you are planning on continuing to blog. Whatever adventures you decide to write about will be witty and make me laugh! Thanks for letting me be a reader, fan and at times stalker!

  9. Just wanted to let you know that I love watching the kids grow up through your blog and reading about what’s going on in your world. I check in at least once a week and would really miss it if you stopped posting. It makes the distance from Maryland to Texas a little shorter. Myfamily needs to get with the times and have a blogging section!
    Give Max and Mini a big hug for me.

  10. Anna,
    I only read your blog occasionally, but I do enjoy it. You are an engaging writer.
    You may feel some parts of life are boring, but wait…that God of ours usually has something around the corner that we don’t expect. He’s the potter who shapes the clay as it best seem to him.

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